Friday, March 2, 2012

Excuse me, but has anyone seen where I put my week?

The best laid plans…
My husband being away set me up for some serious sewing time, right?
Monday, knitting class.
Tuesday, my neighbors called me and asked if I could take care of their baby while they had their taxes done. What was I supposed to do? Not have some snuggle time?
Wednesday, my best friend invited me to meet her for dinner and complaints after work. We spent a lovely evening airing our womanly grievances, followed by a dessert of thankfulness. I was able to squeeze in some thrift makeover time so I could wear a new outfit yesterday.
(take THAT Mr. Good Will Clerk Man!)

So, last night was my night to work on the red jacket.
I practiced doing  a double welt pocket, using the Palmer Pletsch Method. I may practice one more time before adding them to my jacket. It's so miraculous to me how the construction's sort of like the amazement I feel when I've turned the heel when knitting a sock. There is a wonder to it.

So I really want to take my time with this jacket, and work through each of the construction details with precision and a willingness to try something new.

Are you looking to learn something new with your sewing or knitting?


  1. You need to go into Good Will and say hello to the clerk! Great looking outfit, totally amazing welt pocket and sounds like a great week with friends. Have a good weekend.

  2. Wow Lynne, you look awesome! Your hair, your make-up, the outfit, and that color... it's perfect for you. You really need to be wearing that outfit when you visit the thrift shop again.

  3. This week is dragging for my daughter - 39 weeks! They feel longer the closer she gets :)

  4. What a smashing outfit! and your welt pocket is perfection! Well done!


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