Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's put it all together...

Sewing with a plan and creating a weekend wardrobe has kept me focused. I've scoured dozens of "basics" and essentials lists and I was determined that for this four day weekend, I was not going to over-pack. It had to all fit in my AB Weekend bag. So, I checked the weather, checked our agenda ( nothing but casual and relaxed baby time and maybe the St. Patrick's Day parade for my birthday)

And here's what I'm taking:

Skinny dark jeans
Red jeans
Gray ankle pants

White blouse
Yellow cotton knit tunic
Blue knit tunic/tee
Striped tee

Black tie front cotton knit cardigan
Navy cotton jacket

3 pairs of comfy flats 

2 fun scarves

A few simple pieces of jewelry 

 A few undergarments, a set of pajamas and a relaxation pop-on yoga pants and tunic. And it all fit together into my bag:

Other than my traveling clothes. Which I will be wearing. And my toiletries and hairdryer.
I really think I can make this work for a casual long weekend wardrobe!

And my Polyvore-ized version:

Off to Chicago!

Just for kicks, here's  another basic wardrobe list  straight-up copied and pasted from Carolyn's blog!

  • Black cashmere turtleneck
  • Grey v-neck cashmere sweater
  • Silk shirts
  • Three pairs of flats.
  • One pair of sublime very high heels, black
  • Grey skinny jeans. White skinny jeans.
  • One pair of boyfriend jeans.
  • Two blazers, one black, the other marine blue.
  • A straight-cut skirt
  • A light as a cloud scarf
  • A dress, Ala├»a or Roland Mouret.
  • A big coat, camel or grey.
  • And a military parka – light and long.


  1. Great job on the packing and planning. Have a wonderful birthday weekend and spoil that new grandbaby!

  2. Looks like you cracked it! Perfect casual weekend gear. Enjoy the family time.

  3. Very impressive - it must be a real thrill to see all your hard work come together so beautifully. Have a great weekend and happy birthday!

  4. Have a great birthday weekend - looks like you've got all the elements you need!!

  5. Have a lovely time. I'm impressed with how organized your packing is! I will definitely refer back to this the next time I'm out of the house for a weekend.

  6. What?! Nothing green? lol. I've toyed recently with the notion of sewing up reversibles to expand a travel wardrobe. It's easier to just stay at home, sigh. Hope that you had a lovely visit, and are not too pinched black-and-blue for not wearing green.

  7. I'm impressed...but I didn't see anything GREEN either! Great packing. I am the WORST packer in the entire world...I always take too much or not the right thing.


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