Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

While it may seem a little unusual, we have a large mirror in our garden. JR found it on the roadside and  when he brought it home, I suggested we put it on the fence for a surprise unexpected something in our small garden.

Every day for the past few weeks, we’ve been watching a cardinal fight with the reflection of itself  in that mirror.  It’s the most comical thing, and a little sad, too, that it spends so much time every day looking in the mirror trying to do battle with an illusion.  If flies off for a few moments only to come back to that silly mirror over and over again.

It sees something that isn’t reality.
Don’t we do that too?  Our own image of ourselves is pretty much never what other people see.  And yet we battle the wrinkles and bulges and sagging this and protruding that …which are not at all a reflection of our true selves. I am a guilty party.  While I want to look my best, I hope that when others see me, they see my heart, my fears, my strengths, my joy, and my commitment to always be willing to change anything that needs to be changed…

On the inside.


  1. Hi! You have such a pretty blog. Thank you for dropping by to say hi! This is a lovely post. That bird looks really confused. I like your concluding words...we are much happier people when we learn to accept our changes. It's hard isn't it?



  2. We had a robin who'd do that. He wouldn't hit the glass, just jump up repeatedly to catch his reflection in the window.


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