Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back from Chicago!

Okay, has this weather in the Northeast been amazing or what?  Our weekend in Chicago was awesome, and the weather only made it better…it ended up being warmer than what we anticipated, so shorts and skirts would have been the right attire, but we made it through. Who would ever think we'd have to have air-conditioning in March?  The more important thing was spending time with new baby Jameson and his parents. It was really, really nice to be able to spend some uninterrupted time with them and get all the baby gazing we could get in over three days.

And I got to celebrate my birthday by having a St. Patrick’s day Rueben and a beer at Shannon’s Pub. My family remembered me with some wonderful gifts:

                                                        A silver butterfly bracelet from Fossil  

And I remembered myself with a sweet little vintage find from a Glen Ellyn re-sale shop. Isn't this the cutest crystal pin ever?  I love dead women's jewelry so much:

We did some other thrifting, too. And made a stop on the way home for a very special purchase which I'll share in another post.

And, another best Chicago area discovery? Portillo's chopped salad...which I immediately reproduced when we got home  (even though I left THREE jars of their house dressing back in Chicago land!) via a copycat recipe online. Now I crave this salad every day and I can't wait to make it for family here.

                                                               Chopped Salad from Portillos

So we are back and to be honest, this week is absolutely crazy at work. When I take a few days off, it means all the more work when I come back. So, while my daytime spare moments are spent dreaming of sewing, knitting, camper, gardening and house projects...
my evening spare moments this week are spent in a stupor in front of the television! 

I have so many projects in mind just to catch up with this incredible weather we are having:
Shave my legs,
Do some faux tan,
Whip up a new outfit to wear with the freshly shaved and faux tanned bare legs….

All before it turns to forty degrees again!


  1. Glad you had a great trip and got some quality time with little Jameson. He is beautiful! Thanks for the LOL at "dead women's jewelry".

  2. Lovely gifts.
    Happy Belated Birthday!
    So what brand of faux tan do you use? I went bare the other day and the legs were blinding!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had a great time! I'm still laughing about "dead women's jewelry"...LOL!

  4. Yu are just like the famous Pioneer Woman!! She posted about it when she got home too!

  5. Sounds like an ideal birthday celebration - with little Jameson topping the cake! Happy Birthday!!

  6. Jameson is darling. Sounds like a wonderful trip and a great birthday.

  7. Oh my gosh, look at that adorable little smile! He is so sweet!

  8. Happy birthday Lynne, and your new grandson is totally adorable! Congratulations!

  9. What a cute little guy!! Congratulations!

  10. My gosh he looks a lot like his Grandpa! :)

  11. Many blessings to you for your sweet new grandboys and your birthday! Mine is this week myself. That salad looks delicious.

  12. ohhhh I love Portillos chopped salad too!!!

    I love a good dead woman's stuff too!!!! Hee hee

    Baby love all the way around!


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