Sunday, March 25, 2012

All things fresh and new

The sun is shining, the redbud is in bloom. There are new babies and Easter is around the corner. Everything is made beautiful again. And it down right gets me in the mood to make some things happen.

I obsessed about a bunny nest that I saw On Sutton Place  and Shelterness,  I pinned it.  I pined for it. I made it happen.

I had most everything I needed. An old wreath, some bits of fake grasses, and some silk violets on wire that I have been hoarding for a special occasion.  I picked up some moss, a few sprays of pastel eggs and a very  perfect quirky bunny from Marshall's. Don't you love Marshall's and TJ Maxx? They have the best stuff.

I plopped it all on an old silver tray and it lives on the dining room table now. After I add a few more bits of twiggy or leafy things, I think it will be perfect!

So today, while JR was doing some impromptu cleaning up of the gardens,

 I did some impromptu painting.
While I don't have the finished project yet to show, I will tell you that I used  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint... The coveted of chalk paint...the queen of furniture makeovers.  The twinkle in home decorator's eyes. You see her paint used by Miss Mustard Seed and a slew of other DIYer's.

JR is doing a kitchen remodel for someone, and they had a piece of furniture that they wanted incorporated into the  new kitchen. But the kitchen needed a pop of contrast, and  with the customer's permission, JR rebuilt the cabinet and we found this an opportunity to try the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  It gets rave reviews. The color palette is SO wonderful and it it can be applied to just about any finish without prep of sanding and priming. Which is what appealed to my husband...especially for a situation like this kitchen piece.

We were scouting around for a local vendor, and the closest one is a 90 minute drive. Which we were willing to do, but we found that both of the only TWO retailers in Michigan ( R Scott Lucas and Flat River Cottage  were right on route from our drive back from Chicago, via Grand Rapids! We called and talked to the shop owner and let her know to expect us. And we got to spend some time with her, sampling paint, talking finishes and techniques. AND we didn't have to pay shipping or spend the extra day and money for gas to drive to our closest stockist in New York.  It was a win/win.

So far, the paint is mixing beautifully, and goes on just as we were told...a little goes a long way.
This is a really exciting purchase for JR and I since we will be doing a retail antiques/ re-do show in July. This is right on target with the look we want to create for our booth, so there should be fun days ahead thrifting and making over our finds.

The first piece we finished for the show is an incredible buffet. Very well made, and now has a new bright and shiny, soft and worn  finish.

It's huge, and I love it. But it doesn't go with the current decor of our house, so it will be sold.

So that's what we've been up to. My painted side table is drying in the workshop right now and my red jacket awaits finishing. I plan an evening visit with Kate and baby Oscar and will come home to watch the season premier of Mad Men.

All things fresh and new is a good place to be.


  1. Chalk paint - love it!
    There is also nothing better than a man doing yard work - especially if it's your man (and mine is too!)

  2. How exciting, chalk paint. LOve your buffet, it is gorgeous

  3. It looks very professional, like something you'd find at a chic boutique. Have a Happy easter!

  4. Your bunny Easter centerpiece is adorable!!!! I must try to make one for Al's new condo.
    I also must try to get my hands on that would be perfect for her kitchen pantry door....!!!

    Great finds thanks Lynne!

  5. I agree with you on the chalk paint. We got some to do our very old, but perfectly serviceable pine bedside cabinets. A coat of Old White and now they match the room, and look like new pieces! I'd wanted to do it for ages but couldn't face all the priming so this paint is perfect! Love the buffet unit you did :D

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