Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Peek in my Purse.

Ten on Tuesday...Ten things in my Purse.
Well, this couldn't happen but once in a million years...I have exactly ten things in my purse!

I would have had 11 things in my purse, but my  journal has been on the kitchen counter for the past several days.

Notice: no tissues.
I never have a tissue when I need one...never have. My sister always had a fun purse. She was always the one that had paper and art projects and mini-electronics in her purse when the kids get restless in church. Need salt for your popcorn at the movies and you don't want to miss a moment? She had a mini salt-shaker...just that kind of girl. Everything and anything could come out of that bag of hers...change for a dollar, stain remover, a recipe for chocolate whoopie pies, a flashlight, an umbrella, dental floss, an address book, drugs for whatever ails you, full make-up kit. And snacks...always snacks. Just one of the many reasons I love her.


  1. lol- how often does that happen tha a woman has so few things in her handbag. I find it amusing that men can get away with just a wallet and we need to have this huge bag. You should pop over to AUdrey`s blog SewTawdry as you get a special mention there !

  2. Fun post! My bag is always filled with scraps of paper that I don't know what to do with, and can't bear to throw away!

  3. Lynne, you are sooooo organized! The inside of my purse looks like a bad episode of Hoarders!

  4. Im noticiing reds and pinks inside that purse!!!

    I played along this tuesday too. it was very fun to peek at friends purses!

    My perfect sister has that kind of Mary Poppins purse too!! She's the eldest...
    that sounds like she is getting old now...

  5. Oh my gosh - you are so organized! I'd have to hang my head in shame if I bared the contents of my purse for all the see - although mostly it's filled with scraps of paper with sketches of ideas for sewing projects.

  6. I'm always curious about the contents of other people's handbags, because I'm a busybody. I'm impressed that you have a magazine though, that would be nice to have if you were ever caught waiting!

  7. Knittogether Lynda :)March 11, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    Hey there, long lost sister from another mother... I have that same purse ;-)


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