Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Jacket Progress

The Red Jacket...details, details, details. This weekend I got the lining in after tweaking the fit some more.
So far, so good...I have to sew the sleeve lining in place and I had to put it down because for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to sew that lining around the hem of the sleeve that has an split cuff. I just have to read some more and get some confidence so I can forge ahead... I can't seem to visualize how this lining is going to be sewn in place! Is it true that the cuff buttons are not actually functioning buttons? So the split cuff is just sewn in place with decorative buttons on the outer cuff?

Enough of that. How about some adorable-ness?

Tonight we had a visit with Sofia. I love my Sofia. 
 A confident, smart, imaginative and sweet girl among boy cousins...Jonathan, Augie, Levon and new baby Henry. And in a few short weeks, she will have a baby brother. It's interesting to imagine how her little world will change. I wonder what she will think of this new baby? When all the talk and pondering becomes a living reality in their family?  It makes me very happy knowing that she is so loved and secure...because that means Sofia will show that same love and protection to her baby brother. All the while she's no doubt going to be bossing him around.

And this Mimi has been sewing for new baby brother and his mama all weekend... Some peeks:

Next weekend, we are going to Chicago to meet the newest grandson, Jameson ...JR and I are both so excited to finally get to spend some time with him, too!  I know that in these past four weeks since Jameson has been born, JR has thought a great deal about his a mom. And to him, no doubt, it will be a wonder and an amazement when all the talk and pondering becomes a reality and he gets to hold that little boy in his arms.

And the following week, the last of the current crop of baby boys will be born. Sofia's little brother, Oscar.
Six grandsons and a granddaughter.
 Some days, it's almost to big for my heart to hold. 


  1. Your jacket looks gorgeous! Sofia is a cutie and I bet she will be a wonderful big sister. Cute baby boy items and one granddaughter amongst all the boys, won't they treat her like a queen and always protect her. Have a safe trip to meet the new little one.

  2. Congratulations on your lovely family. That is just the best thing in the world isnt it.

    Your jacket looks fantastic as well :) love that pocket

  3. Such exciting times! I've followed you since your previous blog. You continue to amaze me with all that you accomplish! Thank you for your inspiration! You made the best duct tape body double I've seen. I'm about to set up a sewing room. Would you please point me to the online tutorial you used?
    Blessings on your Day!

  4. I'm impressed by your welt pocket. Hope you figure the sleeve thing out!

  5. Don't know what to think about the cuff, but the welt pocket is very impressive! Have a great time meeting your new grandson:-)

  6. I believe your right about the cuff (racking my brain back to the time I made all my own clothes)

    Have fun with the grandkids. Poor Sophia needs another girl in the mix!

  7. You are so blessed! Have a wonderful trip.

  8. Does the lining have a seam that lines up with the cuff slit? If so, I think you would sew the lining to the seam allowance of that slit, sort of turn it under and slip stitch it in place. I think most of the time, sleeves with that split cuff the cuff/sleeve just laps and the buttons are sewn through all layers. I don't think they are functioning buttons at all. Frequently the sleeve buttons are smaller than the front buttons. If JR has a suit that has sleeve buttons, take a look at how they're done.

  9. Your jacket is looking really great. Your welts are fantastic!

    I'm a bit stuck in detail land with my jacket too--I can't figure out how to bag the lining with the cuffs. I think I'll end up hand sewing that part...

  10. Lynn, I really enjoy your blog!

    Sewing With Nancy recently had 2 great segments about Jackets For Real People with Pati Palmer.

    This one towards the beginning has
    great tips on the split/vented cuff.

    Here's Pt 1

    I just have to SEE it to learn it
    well. I think you'll find them helpful.


    The first segment, FYI

  11. WOw, I can only imagine your joy
    I am delighted for your family!

    Feel free to ring me up when in Chicago area. I know you'll be busy though!

  12. Oh my, you must be so proud of your big beautiful family! Such a crop of grandchildren to love and spoil!
    thank you so muchh for your congratulations! :)


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