Monday, October 8, 2012

the fear of imperfection

I have had a $20 drop cloth draped over a chair in my bedroom for a year. Not because we were painting, or sanding drywall, but because for many, many months, I've had a plan to make a slipcover.

 And the fact of the matter is, I am SO intimidated by the process. I'm stuck frozen before that first cut every time...and I've made a slipcover or two.

So, I finally got the pieces cut out a few weeks ago. And then, I'm frozen in fear again before making that first seam. What if I mess up??? Will I have to cut another piece? I can't imagine a worse thing happening to a $20 drop cloth!  Good grief. I don't know what the fear block is all about. Because I went to my favorite video tutorial by Miss Mustard Seed, just like I did twice before...

And I did it. It's not perfect, but it's a slipcover. A soft and relaxed imperfect slipcover.

And I think I just figured out what I'm afraid of.

I am afraid of it not being perfect. 

So I just need to get over that fear of not being so perfect. Because guess what I picked up at an auction this weekend for $5?

Does fear ever keep you from challenging yourself to a new project?


  1. Of course it does! Great looking slip cover!

  2. It's a fabulous slip cover. And what a bargain from the auction.
    Fear is a dreadful thing. And sometimes fear of success is as restrictive as fear of failure.

  3. Oh my gosh, you're speaking my language! I've spent the last month and a half putting off a project because I'm afraid! I picked up some lovely silk that I fell in love with, but then I got so afraid that I would screw up and ruin this beautiful fabric that I just got paralyzed by it! I'm cutting it as we speak... so what if it's not perfect? I'm not perfect, but I'm going to take my time and do the best I can. That's all I can do, right?

    The slipcover looks good! I'm excited to see what you do with the chair!

  4. All my personal knit projects have stalled because I was worried about finishing them well. I need to sit down with them as I don't have a hat or mittens for myself and the knee high socks were turning out gorgeous before I ran into sizing problems. The baby leggings for my youngest are churning away. For some reason sewing projects are getting me stuck. I have material for a skirt each for my older girls (will have to adjust the pattern to fit the second) and a second bib (first completed successfully) for the youngest that I have been hesitating to cut.

  5. Fabulous slipcover, I totally know what you are talking about.

  6. oh yes...and yet we learn so much by going after those fears.....

    you are so talented you can conquer this covering thing

  7. Did you ever hit the nail on the head for me this time! Fear of not being perfect - fear of being judged for not having perfectly executed something or other - worrying about such things does not get the project done. And as a matter of fact, I have a very similar chair in need of a slipcover - presently wearing a white sheet "artistically draped". My new mantra will be - if Lynne can do it, so can I. Thank-you for the inspiration!

  8. Nah, I already know my stuff's not going to be perfect! Well, at least that's true when it comes to slipcovers. I've been known to put off a garment project for a decade or two so I won't mess up my "perfect" fabric.

  9. That slip cover is lovely!

    Fear stops me all the time. I'm terrified of wool. For many reasons. I've recently been buying it and now what? g

  10. I'm afraid of finding out thatr I'm not capable and wasting fabric and supplies- I thinbk it keeps me from progressing...

  11. I understand your feeling of fear! I had been shaking with terror at this project, you are very brave! Finally the chair cover is great!

  12. I do have fear - fear of that cutting a piece
    of expensive fabric and screwing it up.
    my friend brought me fabric from Paris on her last
    trip - $100 per yard (yes she loves me) but for the longest I would not cut it. But as time passed and months later
    she kept asking where is the project - because she knows
    I sew continously - so finally I had to overcome the fear at least for that piece of fabric. The whole "screwing it up"
    factor is still on the brain - but we are sewers and above all else
    we know how to make flaws into fabulous one time design details - am I right???


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