Wednesday, October 3, 2012

burgundy and....

The week is crawling by. Each day I've wondered if I can make it to the weekend, work has been so busy. But, I'm sort of glad. After such a dreadfully hot summer, when we hardly enjoyed the deck, patio and porch, it's nice to come home tonight and relax on the deck when the temperatures are comfortably comfortable.

Just catching up....our day, some hand sewing, noticing the newly seeded grass sprouting. These are perfect afternoons, when we can put our feet up and indulge in the colors of the autumn garden.

Burgundy is a trending color for fall. It's also trending in my garden.

Burgundy and lime green

Burgundy and black

Burgundy and  orange

Burgundy and blue

 I can't wait to wear my dress tomorrow!


  1. Your house and garden are so very pretty. The dress looks lovely too.

  2. How exciting to see that you shirt dress is almost done!
    Your house looks lovely, all dressed up for fall.

  3. pour a glass for me~ LOVE your yard

  4. Your garden looks beautiful. I just love autumn trees . You know even when I look at weeds close up they are perfect ( before I pull them out with avengeance ) . Thankyou for the peek at your part of the world.


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