Thursday, October 11, 2012

mixed media jacket?

I’m dreaming of a mixed media jacket.

Michael Kors


Wool tweed, some ribbed knit sleeves or leather sleeves, and maybe a leather or fur collar.
I am thinking frankenpattern, frankenfabric, frankenthrift.
So I have my eyes peeled for the perfect little moto jacket pattern (maybe that Hotpatterns moto jacket that’s on my list)or the perfect little blazer pattern,  and the perfect tweed and the perfect thrift sleeves and collar.
I found this very cute little jacket with a mini-mixed media look going on…at thrift, it cost me $1.99! And it’s not too bad.

It worked for dress down Thursday. But I have dreams of something better. An now that I look at that jacket, I'm seeing those sleeves and wondering if I can cut them out and use them in my own design?....hmmmm. Or knit my own sleeves....hmmmmmm...
Thinking, thinking....
What do you think of the mixed media trend? Will you try it?


  1. well I never gave it a thought!! I just might mix it up

  2. I think it is a super trend, and adds a bit of variety to a jacket. The knitted sleeves are great as they add a touch of 'fitted' to the rest of the jacket - use them if you can...

  3. I loove the idea- you can still keep your goto style and change up the look entirely.

  4. Very cute jacket! I really like the mixed media trend too, and I made a jacket of faux leather, wool fabric, and with hand-knitted sleeves which was featured on my blog just at the end of August. Now I just need for winter to roll around again so I can wear it!

  5. Ooh, sassy! I love the idea of a mixed-up moto jacket! And what a thrift find!

  6. Ooh, sassy! I love the idea of a mixed-up moto jacket! And what a thrift find!

  7. Yes, I love this trend. Jackets are one of my fave things to make and my closet proves that. Have fun and share all your cool finds.


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