Thursday, October 25, 2012


I just love appropriately spooky Halloween stuff. I am totally into making and wearing costumes (although not wearing them much these days….the last time we wore costumes for a party, we had an embarrassing moment dressed as an Amish couple on our way to the event, which I’d rather forget…) But I still get to make a few costumes each year for a grandchild or two, which is a blast. ( I heard a report on the radio that more adults dress up than children do these days) Actually, I think sewing costumes is about my favorite kind of sewing. This year we are attempting Sofia the Elephant and Jon J the green army man.

Sof got to try on her costume tonight....of course, she's adorable.

"Mimi, you forgot one thing....a peanut."

I have a few cute Halloween vignettes around the house…my two favorites involving a couple of birdcages we got at auction two weeks in a row. The first week , I came home with an antique cage that is perfectly aged, sturdy, and made from black iron and wood. It’s SO old and SO cool. I have some fun ideas for it...just waiting for some details to come together.

And the second week, JR mistakenly bid up to $12 for a newer, imported rickety bamboo cage that certainly got a reaction from me…sort of like “WHAT are you thinking!?!?!” After he won it, he just figured “you win some, you lose some.”

Well, I was determined to turn this looser into a winner. So out came the black spray paint and the sanding block, and a glittery captive for the cage.

It now resides on the dining room table with a couple of old bottles and candles and copies of vintage Halloween photos.

Spooky, but not too spooky....

Which is exactly how I like my Halloween. Are you sewing any costumes this year?


  1. Elephant costume!!! That is beyond sweet! I absolutely love it!

  2. never... i dont have the gene. My mom bought her 6 kids costumes at the five and dime...
    I wore one of those plastic masks with an elastic band around my head for years....

    I LOVE your Halloween cage and skeleton!!! Very cool!!!!!!

  3. oh and little elephant is TOOOOO cute..

  4. Sofia is the most darling elephant, great job Mimi!

    I have a few Halloween items around but none as great as your skeleton in a bird cage, love it.


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