Thursday, October 4, 2012

Simplicity 0344 or is it 1880?

I made another shirtdress. The best shirtdress ever.

This is Simplicity 0344...otherwise known as Simplicity 1880. There are two different numbers for this same Project Runway  Pattern!  Go figure! Anyway, I made my first version back in the summer, when I joined Sunni's Two in One Dress Sew-along.
I feel just a little sassy pants in this dress, and I can think of a hundred ways to wear it.

I think what I like best is that I have already worked out the fit, modified the pattern and made my adjustments so all I had to do is

Just make it.

My modifications were the same as last time...a FBA, and replacing the waist tucks with darts, both front and back.  This time around, I did the same shirt collar dress, except with 3/4 sleeves.

It definitely has a classic, sort of retro feel to it. I made this one with 100% cotton.   It would be perfect for a weekend of antiquing
Or  for the office
Or anything in between. It's another great basic...would look even cute with a denim jacket or a blazer tossed over it.

But for today, I wore it as is. It was a nice dress for a 70 degree October day in Western New York.

So there we have it...
A navy blue polka dot shirtdress. Check.

And now, the Fall Sewing begins!


  1. Absolutely lovely! This is definitely an excellent wardrobe basic.

  2. love look so cute! and i think it's probably way more comfortable to wear than jeans and a t-shirt :-)
    On to fall sewing!

  3. Stunning! Absolutely stunning. I just took this off my sewing list - what was I thinking????? g

  4. You are so pretty in that dress! I LOVE the belt you worked with, it works works works....

  5. This "reminds me of" June Cleaver, but you - and the dress - look much better!

  6. I love it- replacing the tucks with darts would help me out with my next one- excellent tip!

  7. Love this! It looks so cute on you!

  8. You really have hit the jackpot with this dress - the fit is ` spot ` on excuse the pun and looks cute in dots. I can see why this pattern has been a repeater for you.


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