Tuesday, October 16, 2012

desiring to distraction...what I'm obsessing about

Things I am obsessing about:


Caramel apples

organizing a special sewing swap ..anyone in? I've organized them before and have had some great themes and fun ideas for sharing.

knitting socks

Vintage shops on the go

Got anything on your mind that won't go away?


  1. Layering ideas, smock aprons, soap making, knitting Cowichan jackets, vintage trailers (stop those links!)
    When are you driving Scotty up north?

  2. Blue kitchen cabinets, industrial lights from Lowes, new tops and my girls winning another state championship!

    How is the camper remodel going?

  3. healthy dogs, knitting projects, cardigans, dresses.

    A swap sounds interesting. g

  4. Clothes, sewing, organizing my house, ideas of what to make to sell at an upcoming craft fair.

    I've never participated in a sewing swap. What's it all about???

    Thank you for joining the Carnival of Skirts sew-a-long.

  5. Christmas and baby knitting, skirts for Faye's Carnival of Skirts, tops and jackets, sushi.
    Details on the sewing swap??


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