Monday, May 21, 2012


What attracted me to the Renfrew Pattern?  Needing a good pattern for a tee, for sure. But other than that, I really like that it is
Has sleeve variations
Has neckline variations
Has sleeve and hem band
It has a fitted shoulder and sleeve, which is always more flattering than a baggy, loose shoulder and sleeve.

This was going to be another fitting adventure for me.  So, here we go.
According to the measurements, my bust size put me above the size 16...yikes!  So straight out of the package, I cut my first version, with a full bust adjustment of about an inch.

I like the fit through the shoulders, bust and sleeves ( although I'm thinking I would like them a little more snug).
I should grade down to a size 12 from the bust to the band.
The neckline is too low for my liking, and maybe a bit too wide. 
But it’s okay. I wore a cami under it.

Next version,
I graded my pattern down through the hips and bottom band.
I raised and narrowed the neckline.
I shortened the sleeves and snugged them up a bit

Assessment: Much better. Neckline higher, shorter sleeve, better fit all the way around.  I like this pattern. I will make more. And I think you should make many Renfrews if you need a basic tee in your life.

And by the way, that white skirt? Michael Kors, thrifted for $4.00 this past winter.


  1. I've just made my first Renfrew too! So as someone with a similar shape, I loved reading your alterations. I graded down two sizes through the waist to the band as well. It's a terrific pattern - I look forward to refining mine as well as you have!

  2. Gorgeous tops, I like both versions and your changes on the second one. LOvely skirt, too.

  3. Gorgeous top! I agree with Lori both versions are gorgeous.. That skirt, made my jaw when I saw it! I'm just going to have to get this Renfrew pattern..

  4. Wonderful tops! Having a basic t-shirt pattern that can be whipped up in minutes is an absolute must in my opinion. You seem to have found yours.

  5. I think you'll be amused to hear that when I saw the top picture, I thought, "Look at the cool, red embellishments she added! I wonder what she made them out of to mimic the necklace part..." I kept reading and now I know -- ink!

  6. Beautiful. I love the fabrics and the fit is amazing. Guess I need to pick up a few of her patterns. g

  7. When I win the lottery YOU are going to be my personal seamstress

  8. I see why you like this makes for really cute tops! I just used that same fabric in top #2 for a dress for my daughter :-)

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