Thursday, May 24, 2012

This small space

I am completely content  to spend my afternoon before dinner relaxing on the patio while tulips, viburnum, redbud,  azealeas and lily of the valley put on a show around me.  And to spend an evening working out my stuff of the day or the week.

                                                     In a way that I can't anywhere else.

There is a satisfaction in  this wee space, contemplating when the peonies will bloom and wondering how that new rose on the fence will fare after her first winter. 

 Pondering . Digging. Thinking.  The place where I  am in concert with the creator much like the way you are when you give birth.....just assisting in what is already pretty much perfect on it's own.  A new addition this year is many ferns from a neighbor, which will be filling up a very shady spot where little else will grow. Soon the hummingbirds will be back. And though they are as predictable as the sunset,  every year it’s a surprise and joy to see them at the feeder.

While I miss my big gardens at the old house, I really do delight in this small space. It’s cozy, and I there is just enough room for my very favorites. The real bonus is that we can maintain it in an hour each week, instead of being a grueling time-suck!   With the big gardens, it took both of us and a crew many hours each summer to keep the garden in it’s best shape.  There was never much time for relaxation. These days, I get to  read, have a drink, or  nap on the patio almost daily instead of weeding, pruning, deadheading and digging almost daily.

So, I say, smaller is better. Much better.


  1. GOrgeous images and message today Lynne!

  2. Lovely- your private area looks so peaceful and full of joy.

  3. Thank you for the reminder of what's important! Your garden is beautiful and inspiring. My peonies have bloomed and gone so I'll just enjoy yours now!


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