Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring To Do-be-do-be-do

I say it every year at this time...now that we have identified the Celebrity Apprentice/American Idol/Survivor/Insert Favorite Reality TV Show Here and whether or not Bree will be convicted OR If Dwight is the father of Angela's baby,  I get to sigh a huge sigh of relief and get some actual work done.

Ten Items on my Spring To-Do list:
1.       Finish painting the house. FINISH painting the house.
2.       Get ferns for the front porch.
3.       Make covers for the patio furniture.
4.       Start my iced tea/iced coffee making.
5.       Research and plan some Friday night Porch Dinners to get ready those warm nights ahead.
6.       Maybe, just maybe, try to find a new bathing suit. (which is almost as bad as trying to find jeans)
7.       Find a place, once and for all, for a hammock. JR promised.
8.       Hike the Niagara Gorge.
9.     Paint the dining room chairs for a (mini-makeover)....and the growing assemblage of furniture that needsTLC for the show in July.
10.       Mulch the gardens, and plant impatience.


  1. Thanks for playing along this week!

  2. My My that's some list!!!

    Cannot wait to see your ferns..I should do gthe same thing but they are so messy...arent' they?


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