Friday, May 11, 2012

Clovers and Pattern Options

These are my Clovers, by Collette Patterns. And I've gotta tell you, I do love these pants. Even better than the other Anne Klein Vogue pattern that I've made. These are made from cotton twill. No lycra. I like a little lycra, but it's really hard to find a nice pants weight with lycra in my neck of the woods. Therefore, if you do use a non-streatch,  you  have to give yourself a little more wearing ease

I made them according to my measurements, which meant I cut a 12, through the waist and tapered to a 10 through the hips and legs...that's right, my middle aged thicker waist and narrow hips.

That was the only modification I made.  I had an accidental modification when I put the slot pockets in the back, instead of the front. But that's okay. They are kinda cute that way!
I think with a few more fit tweaks ( or, more like fabric tweaks) these will be a great basic pant that can be the basis for many styles.

Wearing a Simplicity jacket I made, and a thrifted top.

So, now that these are checked off my list,
I’m ready for another sewing surge.
On my new list of things to do?
1.       The black eyelet dress (using the Lisette Traveler pattern)
2.       Renfrew tops…probably in multiples
3.       A couple of Weekender Sunshine Tops for layering
4.       Another pair of Clovers, made from some cute, cute, cute stretch orange gingham that
            I found for about $3 a yard
5.       A popover shirt ( I love that name…I saw several on the J Crew site. So cute) , using
            Hot Patterns Plain and Simple Superfantastic Shirt pattern.

Wow, now that I look at it, that’s a lot of independent pattern companies!  I love having the option of the Big Four AND independent companies. It’s great to have  budget friendly patterns always available, especially when you can stock up when Joann’s has those ridiculous .99, 1.99 and 3.99 prices. But I do love the independents, too. My first awareness of them ( other than Amy Butler) was when I started listening to Lori’s podcasts after I returned to sewing and started to take my garment sewing very seriously. I tried Hot Patterns and was a huge fan. And I’ve sewn Serendipity patterns last summer with good success. Most recently, I jumped on the Collette bandwagon, and I have to say again, I love these Clovers. I also have the Jasmine top in my collection, along with the book. Oh, yes…the 
Collette Sewing Handbook... oh, yes, The  Book.

The newest pattern I’ve acquired is the Renfrew top from Sewaholic. And I have to say, I’m pretty excited to work on this one. Who couldn’t use a good, basic tee shirt top? And, no doubt, you’ve been seeing all the test pattern buzz around her newest Cambie dress pattern. SO cute!
How do you get chosen to test sew patterns? I would LOVE to be able to do that!

I have pre-ordered my Gertie book, which I’m super excited about. And I’ve been taking a look at Victory patterns, too.

I guess the thing that’s super cool about all of this is that we have options. And there are a slew of very talented people out there to give us those options.
While I’ve never been afraid to alter a pattern or re-make something, I am ever amazed at these right brain designers who can draft patterns, which is so  technical and left brain.

What are your thoughts on sewing patterns? Are you loyal to any particular type? Does pricing impact how you choose a pattern? What are your favorite independent pattern designers?


  1. Those slot pockets ARE cute on the back instead of on the front! My favorite independent patterns are Folkwear, followed by The Sewing Workshop and Park Bench Patterns. I find the styles to be timeless and entirely suited to my middle-aged body and my newly-found sense of modesty.

  2. Love the fit of the pants and the color. Also, your yard looks fantastic! I have lost all my gardening mojo in the last few years and am so jealous of all your natural beauties!!!

  3. YOu look so slim in your pants!!!

    My designer is YOU!!!

    Still now sewing here

  4. The pants look great!
    My go-to pattern company - probably Vogue, as well as the rest of "the big 4". With these patterns I get the best fit for the least amount of fuss. With independent companies I'm never too sure how the fit will be, so definitely need to do a muslin, etc, etc - much easier to just take the easy road. I do love the options of styles out there - one of these days I'll stop being so lazy!

  5. Fantastic pants, Lynne. You are so right, it is amazing to have options for our sewing. I use to go-to Simplicity, now seem to be branching out everywhere. I like the popover top and the chambray top, mind if I copy you?

  6. Cute blue slacks! I usually sew with the Big 4 too, but love that we have choices. The Colette Macaron is in my queue to make this summer :-)

  7. So, my dh would call Clovers "Laura Petrie pants" (remember from the Dick van Dyke Show, that's what Mary Tyler Moore always wore with little flats - classic). He loves those pants! I love those pants. I would like custom fit Clovers.
    You will be happy to know I am sewing. I bought a skirt and a blouse pattern that I have to re-gig to make my own. And today I am wearing the wrap skirt from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing book which I made last year and never wore because I thought it looked old-fashioned when I put it on. Well, I changed my mind and I'm rockin' the look today, out for Mother's Day lunch with a plain T (tucked in!) and Mary Jane's.
    Happy Mother's day to you, btw. Sorry I am wordy today. I have laryngitis and this is the only way I can communicate!

  8. Your new trousers are CUTE! And I love your sewing list; a popover top does sound very adorable, and I am looking forward to seeing those orange gingham trousers very much :)


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