Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some of this, and a little of that...

The new Philosophy Summer Grace is amazing. I got some for Katie for her birthday, then had to go ahead and stock up on some shower gel, body lotion and fragrance for myself. It's perfectly lovely. And summery. I have never worn perfume. It gives me headaches. Then I became a Pure Grace fan because of it's light fresh, clean scent. So it was a nice surprise to find that I could wear this scent. It makes me feel like a girl.

JR bought a 1963 Singer sewing machine in a very, very cool cabinet. The machine works beautifully, and we are going to remake the cabinet into a little desk. The drawers were chock full of vintage sewing notions and all sorts of goodies. All for the amazing price of $9.99!

I am working on a pair of Clover's. Finally! They are a pretty cobalt blue with the most adorable little pockets!

Meghan, David and the boys came over last night for dinner. I just love those boys. Augie and I found a pattern to make a knitted Finn the Human doll, and he made me promise that when I went on my train trip I would be knitting Finn the whole time. AND that I would send progress pictures along the way!

We had great fun going through the yarn stash to find all of the perfect colors! Won't he be a fun little travel knitting project? 

Sofia let me paint her toenails! One foot purple, the other foot red. She just looked at them and looked at them, and said, "I have beautiful ponynails, Mimi. I look like a princess."

My serger needs to go to the serger guy again. And I am really thinking I need to save my money to get a new one. So, while I know everyone has their favorites, can you all share your serger love? I'm thinking an under $500 model is what I can afford. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Time to go watch Survivor and knit Finn!


  1. What a cute post!! My nickname is Mimi too.

  2. Elna! Never had a problem with mine. Highly recommended! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I have the exact. Same. Machine! In a table and with all sorts of cool boys and bobs. You're going to love her.

    I serge with an inexpensive Brother 1034d, and I've never had a moment's trouble with it. I find it easy to thread and use.

  4. Life sounds good! :-)
    Good luck with your serger. I've never had the space to own one, but they sounds like a wonderful time saver once you learn how to handle them.

  5. Oh, your machine looks like my Mom's Singer 626. While visiting my Dad in NJ a few years back, I removed it from its sewing table and had the Singer tech here in Syracuse "bring it back to life". (I learned to sew on this machine in the 1970s.) I love this machine!! Someday I'll reunite it with the original table/ cabinet. Until then it here with me, along with all the neat vintage notions stored in table.
    Enjoy you treasure as mush as I have enjoyed mine!
    • Linda •

  6. ponynails is tooo toooo tooo cute/

    I have to go look up serger ....I don't know what that means...i'll be back

  7. Oh it s a sewing thing, Can't help you Lynne!

  8. I recently purchased a Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE 2/3/4 thread serger online from this was my first serger and I am so happy with my choice. I was nervous about buying it online, but I talked to them on the phone, read a lot of reviews and went ahead with is. It came with a video showing how to thread the machine. It comes threaded so I took some pictures so I knew what it was supposed to look like and was able to thread it with no problems. The price is right too.

  9. Oh wow! That machine takes me back, my mother got that model for her 1st anniversary, I learned on it 20 years later! What a find.....

  10. I loved it when my Gram painted my nails too--how sweet!

    I have a Janome Magnolia serger. It is decidedly un-fancy but a workhorse nonetheless. The only thing it's not a big fan of is really heavy denim, which I sew very little of anyhow.


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