Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie?

We really had a nice trip.  Sleeping on the train was, well, like sleeping on a train.  But we will do it again because it saved us from those extra travel days that we need for driving.  Arriving Friday somewhat rested, we so enjoyed our visit with Amelia and Jake and Jameson.  After a busy and fun weekend (which included Portillos, of course, and even a Cubs game!) we said our goodbyes with many tears and boarded that same train back to Buffalo.

Coming home to a quiet house was nice, but a little sad, too. The activities of babies and kids is always entertaining and so I miss not only the Chicago baby, but all of our grandchildren every day.

Birdie may be making a transition to  life with babies and kids. She always stays with Meghan’s family when we go away, and a little grandboy named Levon is head over heels in love with her. 

In addition to some phone photo updates, we got a text from Megan while we were away:
“ok,  so the joint custody arrangement will be as follows: I will keep Birdie during the week while you are at work. You may have her every other weekend and for 2 weeks during the summer, but not 2 consecutive weeks.”

Suddenly we find ourselves smack in the middle of a custody battle. Birdie was rescued from an uncertain future when we adopted her two years ago, and she has become a happy, happy dog, who loves to be around people. And I am left wondering if the unselfish thing to do is to allow her an even happier future, around lots of people.  Birdie does love their family and is so content to run around the farm, plant the garden with Meghan and be a constant companion to the boys. She is never alone. She is trained and social and is a bred to be wonderful consort, so Birdie is a known entity for their family…we will always be able to see her.

And I cried last night at the thought of saying goodbye. Are my tears enough of a reason to hold on to her?


  1. :( It 's not saying goodbye completely, right? So hard, Lynne.

  2. I say keep her! She loves you! :)

  3. Give up Birdie, wow, what a hard decision. She is such a part of your life. Will be thinking of you.

  4. What a very very hard choice Lynne. I would say since she will not be out of your life completely (and she seems to melt the heart of your grandson) let her go. BUT, find another loving soul of a dog that needs your care to fill your home with even more love.

  5. Don't know that I could make such a decision.

  6. what a very hard decision you have in front of you. g

  7. yes they sure are, Baby and toddler take up enough time...dogs usually are a bit left out after the initial infatuation wears off .You just keep her

  8. You don't always have to give away what you love just because someone else wants it, even if that someone is a child or grandchild.
    Have you considered that one of the best lessons a child can learn, to make their journey through life more comfortable for them, (and for those around them) is that you can't always get what you want? Even small children need to learn this.
    You love your beautiful doggie, and she loves you - that's reason enough to keep her. She's become a "happy happy dog" because of your love. Let them have the pleasure of rescuing another doggie, and keep your beloved Birdie. You deserve the pleasure of her company, too, you know!

  9. We have a similar problem - we have a 11yo Westie and friends have a 18mth Westie who spends a lot of time in our household and the 2 dogs absolutely LOVE each other to pieces, cuddling and playing all the time and when separated sink into depression.
    They work full time and their dog is lonely but we are retired so understandably she loves being with us. We have debated whether one of us gives up their westie so they can be together but there is so much love at stake so sharing the pair off and on seems the best solution.

  10. Oh, no! You can't give up Birdie! Not even to family. Help them find a puppy of their own. And, of course, Birdie will have to have a say in the choice they make if she is going to stay with them from time to time!!!


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