Sunday, May 13, 2012


There is no one in this life or on this earth that has had more of an influence on me than my mother.
Other than being a mom myself, she has been and continues to be the one that has most shaped me,  It is Mom who has, in countless ways, even to this day, helped  to determine who I character, my abilities, my longings and how I love.  Her influence is expansive, right down to the very details of my thoughts and my life....whether she knows it or not! My mom has loved much, has sacrificed more, and always shown us the value of hard work and determination.

God has put us together in a special way that we may learn from each other, and for that I am grateful.
So to my Mom, Happy Mother's Day. And to my girls, Happy Mother's are better mothers than I can imagine being, which is a tremendous joy and blessing to me.


  1. Your mom is beautiful! What a great picture, too.

  2. Did DH take that awesome picture of you two?? it is a winner! No wonder you are such a great lady......I hope your mom reads the blog !

  3. Awwwww! How sweet Lynne! Your Mom is beautiful and blessed to have a wonderful daughter like you for sure. I'm sure your girls feel the same. I know I'm a bit late but happy Belated Mother's day:)


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