Monday, July 16, 2012

Zippity Doo's a wonderful day!

I just love when a zipper goes in well!  It's like having your buttermilk biscuits turn out perfectly. Or having a good hair day. Or finding a bathing suit that fits....

 (hmmm... I would never know there was a zipper in this seam, other than the zipper pull...can you find the zipper pull?)

This is a good, basic tutorial for putting in an invisible zipper:
(Note how important it is to close your zipper after sewing up one side to mark where the bodice seam is. That will make life so much easier when you are ready to sew the other side of the zipper in place and need to match up your seams.)

 Isn't that the prettiest thing?

One additional thing I always do when sewing in a zipper is to adhere it with fusible tape like Steam-a-Seam.  Just for extra insurance against movement.

The other thing I do is hand stitch that last inch or so above the bottom of the zipper because I can never get close enough to the teeth with my zipper foot...trying to work around that pull is near impossible to me, so I came up with an easier solution, which guarantees a neat result.


So last night I hand hemmed the big circly skirt, got the thumbs-up-A-OK from my husband, and since tomorrow it's going to be 94 degrees, I just may wear this dress! Can't wait to show you!


  1. I can't get around the end of an invisible zipper either. A few hand stitches seems like a good, common sense solution to me. Why didn't I think of that?
    Can't wait to see your new dress!

  2. And I thought it was just ME that couldn't get around the end of the zipper! What a relief to know I'm not the only one!!! You did a fantastic job on that zipper!

  3. Beautiful job! I can't wait to see your dress.

  4. Beautiful! I think I'll try your hint of hand stitching the last bit. Seems you sort of lose an inch or so of zipper when you stop where the zipper foot will not go.

  5. I found the zipper pull! It matches perfectly. What a lovely job and a beautiful fabric. g

  6. That tutorial is my favorite, your zipper looks amazing, yet invisible!? Can't wait to see this.


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