Sunday, July 15, 2012

The only thing worse than bra shopping...

All this week, I’ve been trying on bathing suits.
The only thing worse is trying on bras.

I have made a few observations: 
1.       I love that manufacturers are making cup sized swimwear tops. That’s a step in the right direction. But please!!! Tell me , if you make a DD cup, why on earth you pair that with thin stretchy spaghetti straps or thin stretchy straps of any kind!  Note to manufacturers: If a girl needs anything above a C cup, she needs the added support of wide straps that lift and lock the girls in place. Seriously!
2.       I love that manufacturers are doing separates in swimwear…BONUS is separates with cup sizes. My particular issue is big boobs, no butt. Butt, can we please make a basic bottom that has a nice wide waist band that is not a hipster, bikini or anything else that would create more rolls where we don’t need them? And as far as the tankini tops go, see #1 above.
3.       I’ve considered some on line options, but what a pain! Ordering, returning, return shipping..ugh.
4.       All of this swimsuit shopping has me wondering if I need to make my own! No…I am not EVEN going there.
5.       So, if I can’t find anything that would meet the above issues, I do admit that there are some VERY cute cover-ups out there! I have actually come home with two of them and no bathing suit yet!

So, maybe I can just lounge about the Michigan beach in cute cover-ups. Just cover-ups. Floaty, caftan-like-hide-everything cover-ups.

It's been just too hot to sew. But today, I am determined to finish my dress. And cut out a few more. Because I have a giant roll of kiwi colored outdoor fabric with which to cover my patio cushions. Which I'd like to do before summer is over.


  1. Have you tried Land's End for suits. Mine is from last season but I still love it. Something like this one.

  2. Love those cover-ups!! I'm in our pool most days of the week, and will only buy my swimsuits from Lands End, for many of the same reasons you listed. They also stand up to the chlorine, and are very comfortable. I try to shop the year end sales when possible.

  3. I feel your pain!! Good luck!!

  4. I know you don't want to, but you could totally make a great swimsuit for yourself! I agree with the others - Lands' End has great suits.

  5. I'm planning on having a go at making my own this summer - my fitting issues are different to yours but I find swimwear shopping just as frustrating!

  6. Good luck with the bathing suit shopping. I wait until the end of summer and I buy 3 to 4 at the 75% off sale. Good luck with the shopping. love your coverups. I am hoping to get some sewing done this week. Good luck with your sewing.

  7. Though my fitting issues are quite the opposite of yours, I gave up on bathing suits years ago - just wore shorts to the beach and never went in the water. Finally decided to sew my own - it turned out to be quite easy. Kwik Sew has some very easy pattern options.


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