Thursday, July 26, 2012

All this for under 20 bucks!

Okay, I love when this happens!

Dress: Walmart   $12.88  ( I really was going for contact solution, but seriously, who could resist this adorable little dress?)

Jacket: Thrifted. $1.99

Vintage Suitcases: Thrifted. $1.00 and $2.00

Necklace: Birthday gift from a few years ago. Free!

Bracelets: From my own collection...they're so old, they count as free!

Shoes: not wearing any in the photo, because I didn't have any that were under $3.00 that I could photograph with this outfit. (Not to worry, I did wear a cute pair of wedges that I found at TJ Maxx for about what the entire outfit cost!)

First night of vacation? JR and I slept under the stats on the upper deck at the cottage...what a dream!


  1. Okay that is IT, I am going to buy some dresses. period . no matter what. this week...

  2. Love that dress! Very pretty - and what a bargain! :)

  3. Well, isn't that grand. Under $20.00 and looking good.

  4. Yep, I love a bargain! You look wonderful.

  5. Love the print on the dress is looks great! also your necklace is lovely!

  6. Great job. As always, you look smashing!

    You changed your hair a bit! Exactly how I was thinking I'd cut mine next time. (Will you come with me so I can say to my hairdresser, "I want this!"?)

  7. You look cute as a button. I love the new hair cut, too.
    There is nowhere here that a thrifted jacket is $1!

  8. Cute, Cute, Cute. You look great, can't beat the price for that entire outfit. Love your new hair.


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