Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday...happy, happy

Ten things that make me happy:

1. After two years of debate,  I have finally won the battle of paint vs. natural between my husband and I.  We found a very cute little chest of drawers several years ago. It had mice living in it. It was covered with crusty old paint that was not “pretty, old and crusty.” JR worked for hours and hours getting that paint off…picking it out of all the little grooves and carved details ( the very grooves and carved details that I think will look spectacular painted, by the way)  So, just this last weekend,  he caved. With a compromise. The top of the chest stays natural.  I can live with that.

2. My grandchildren….every one of them. But  can I brag on just one of them right here and now?
First goal of the season, a fine assist, an excellent demonstration of concern for an opposing teammate and overall good sportsmanship. When I witnessed his first breath in this world, I had no idea the months ahead would bring news of a complicated heart defect, surgeries and NICU’s. When I see this bright young man able to play sports and demonstrating that he indeed has a very, very good, strong, loving heart and sweet spirit, it makes me happy.

3.Early morning coffee on my patio....


5. Old stuff. Auctions and sales. And knowing I can be a part of preserving a bit of Americana…a curator of history.

6. Colors... red.  Prints...bold. Basic Pattern...fabric from stash. Win, win! Happy, happy!

7. Waking up each morning with my husband at my side.

8. Ice Cream. In fact, discovering Lake Effect Ice Cream. A local business, started by two teachers. Their market continues to expand, and includes a store front located in an old building by the canal which offers flavors like Frozen Hot Chocolate, Salty Caramel, Angry Orange Sherbert and Nickle City Heat. I had the Red Velvet Cake. These boys also put together some amazing sundaes using known local bakery additions. Bonus? As you walk the sidewalk from the Erie Canal Locks, chalk drawings tempt you and encourage you along the way to the shop!

9. I found my camera!

10. I am free from some of the chains that have bound me, free from some regrets, free from some hurts, free to break the other chains that still bind.


  1. I'll take a salty. Caramel ice cream

  2. I'm so glad you found your camera! Great list!

  3. Lovely thoughts :)

    Being free of regrets is a biggie. I think many of us struggle with that one more than anything - good for you!

    So glad you found your camera! :)


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