Monday, July 9, 2012

I kind of miss my stuff!

Ah, the show is over! Was it a success? I would say so. While the crowds were lighter this year than in years past, JR and I felt pretty comfortable with the amount of product we sold, and we still have some inventory left on which to build. It was exciting, and fun, and profitable, which pretty much sealed the deal for us doing this again.

The comments were all positive...lots of people seemed to enjoy our booth and share their excitement about us being a fresh new addition. We met so many nice people, too!  Best of all? Meeting Alaina...another blogger, and one of my best customers of the day!

The bad news? I lost my camera. Stink!!!! So, all I have to share from the show are these few shots taken with my phone.

So, this only represents a part of what we were able to jam into this 20X20 space, both inside and out.
There were a few pieces that I could have sold over and over again....but they had already been purchased and were waiting to be delivered :

A pair of curvy end tables painted a custom gray Annie Sloan mix:

A groovy 1960 sofa and a pair of black wooden outdoor chairs.

And a very, very cool, huge green industrial cabinet full of drawers....this is going to live in Toronto!

Oh, and I just want to thank our family and friends for being such a big support in these past weeks and the day of the show. Your encouragement and enthusiasm and hard work meant more to us than you know.

And for now? I'm glad to have my house back, I am missing my sewing machine, and I'm looking forward to finding more treasures to be loved by someone new.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your camera! I'm glad the show was a success though.

  2. So happy the show whent great, was thinking about you today. I was hoping you would post about it and yes, you did. So when is the next one?

    Hope you find your camera and can't wait to see what you sew next.

  3. I must say I was so excited to meet you too, a fellow blogger who likes to paint and sew and likes flea markets and lives in the same town. I am glad you had a good show and I hope to see you at the one in August. I have to say the treasures I bought from you are my favorites and I am hoping to post about it today.

  4. It looks like a great booth! It's so nice that you and JR enjoy doing this together.
    Oh, those end tables!

  5. So glad that you had a success!

  6. How great Lynne! What show was it?

  7. Sounds like a great time - so glad it went well for you. You didn't mention WHERE the show was - I might have been able to come by & buy stuff too!!

  8. Tell me about the red chest above the green cabinet

  9. So sorry about the camera.....ugh!

  10. trying this again. Good think I wasn't there I'd be your best customer.

  11. Well done on the show! It's great to know what people especially like too, for when you are thrifting in the future.

    What a pain about the camera!


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