Sunday, July 22, 2012

A little of this and a little of that:

JR left for Michigan on Friday, leaving me behind to take care of some work related issues. I'll fly out to meet him on Tuesday for a week of beaching, walking, antiquing and reading. My favorite week of the year!
Until then, I'm continuing to nurse a bad back. This mama has been uncomfortable for days, but I'm beginning to get some relief.

I got to see all of my kids this weekend, and most of my grand-kids. I love when that happens!

 (photos shamelessly saved from facebook!)

Saturday, Meghan and I met in our home town for coffee at  a really cute place called the Shirt Factory Cafe'.
(don't you love the ties hanging on the door?)

For nearly a century, this building was the home of the  Newell Shirt Factory, which made very high-end custom shirts for some of the world's most prominent citizens....Much like our friend Pam, who lives in a neighboring town! Hi Pam!

So, we had coffee and scones and a nice visit, then walked over to see Rebecca and Ben's new place. The three of us found our way over to a little fresh market and bakery on Main St.

I had some serious Sofia time this weekend, too....Friday night, after dinner and time at the park, when we were saying our goodbyes, she thanked me for taking her to the park, thanked me for taking her on a little walk, thanked me for singing songs, thanked me for having dinner.... all the while, Katie and Ray were in shock that Sofia discovered her manners! It was so adorable...a moment worthy of a tear or two. Next day after seeing Meghan, I stopped by for a quick visit with Sof and Baby Oscar,

and shocker of all shockers, she asked to come to my house! So, we spent the day the pet store,  playing croquet and making popcorn.

She also helped water Mimi's garden. When Sof found the garden gate, we walked through it and down a shady path and she exclaimed, "It's the Enchanted Forest! And it's so beautiful!"

We had some relief from the heat this weekend, which was really nice. I'm ready for November.

Got caught up on Project Runway...the first two episodes. I just love that Tim Gunn.

I finished Vogue 1250.
Started Butterick 5706. I worked this afternoon on the muslin, and cut out my fabric, ready to sew it up.

Is  this print going to be too bold? ...yikes. I found it on a clearance table and was thinking "skirt" when I bought it, so I hope it works out as a sheath dress.

We consigned several of our furniture pieces to one of our favorite antiques/decorating stores. The owner was super excited to get them, and has already sold some! So we have more projects in the works when we return! Time to re-stock the Annie Sloan!  That makes me SO happy!

And, I hope you had a restful and refreshing weekend, doing what you love to do!    See you tomorrow!


  1. Busy, busy! Life looks good, and the children are adorable. Have a great summer! Looking forward to seeing your new sheath dress.

  2. Sounds like a lovely time with your favourite people :) I like the fabric for your new dress!

  3. I'm envious of your week-end. Sounds perfect.
    I think that fabric looks wonderful as a sheath.

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend and Sofia is a doll. Your dress is looking good, great find on the fabric. Congrats on all the furniture selling.

  5. Aww you are a good grammie!!! HOW FUn.

    I love the shirts/?bandanna's hanging off the front door.

    GREAT post.

    WOrk was so busy, Im still exhausted.

    Lucky you off to Michigan! Feel better fast. Go swimming to help that back in Michigan!

  6. Thanks for the Pioneer WOman Iced coffee tip!

  7. After weeks of company, I am catching up on reading blogs and am enjoyed all your posts this morning. Love the things you've made and your grandchildren are adorable!

  8. I remember the special times I had with my Grandma (she taught me to knit, taught me to bake, took me to visit shut-ins, and took me shopping). And now I watch that same special relationship between my 3 and my mom. I think there is nothing grander in life than being a Grandma.


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