Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When the weather outside is frightful...

Ten on Tuesday...Ten things to do when it's cold outside.
Brrrr. Actually, this winter hasn't been bad at all. But it's gray and damp, that's also a good enough reason for me to stay inside.
What do I like to do when the weather gets nasty outsite?  I love those days…in fact, my sister and I, when we lived just a mile away from each other, would look forward to any winter storm, blizzard or negative degree weather and somehow plan a way to get together.  We’d talk on the phone all day, share our plans, and the weather updates from our backyards and front windows. Sometimes the kids would bundle up and end up at one house or the  other to play games or have lunch. I loved those days.

But my best things to do these days when it’s too cold to be outside?

1)      Make a fire in the fireplace.
2)      Baking…of course. Cookies, bread, muffins. They are all good cold-weather baking, and excellant to have with #9.
3)      Make soup….any kind of soup.
4)      Read magazines… I’m addicted to magazines, and I love a good long stretch to dig into the big pile and browse...plan home decorating, read up on the latest knitting patterns or a new sewing technique, plan a wardrobe or copy recipes.
5)      Knit … mittens or a hat or something easy and warm.
6)      Sew. This weekend, it was cold. The kind of cold where it was just better to be in the house.  Augie had a sleepover and we have beeen planning  a project since Christmas.  Together, we made a Finn Hat and we made a very, very happy little boy. Mimi even surprised him with a Finn-shaped pancake for breakfast!

7)      Wear comfy cozies all day.
8)      Clean out a closet or a drawer or rearrange furniture or reorganize my sewing room.
9)      Drink tea or hot cider with spices.
10)   Watch a Marathon of Something on television or settle in for  "Gone With the Wind," " Breakfast at Tiffany’s", "Steel Magnolia’s" or "The Godfather."

You know what? I had a really nice weekend....even if it was cold. I got to see and hug and hold every one of my grandchildren.

That makes me very, very happy.


  1. I am smiling, because one of my students wore a Finn hat to school along with a matching tee-shirt!
    The hat looks adorable on Augie. The pancake looks very tasty.
    I need to get back to you about the facts on a walking foot. I have not forgot-just getting second semester grades completed.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend, seeing the grandchildren was the best I am sure.

  3. My favourite way to warm up the house in this weather (or at least the kitchen) is baking and making soup. Which is what I did. Unfortunately, my brain still hasn't figured out this business of cooking for one.


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