Saturday, January 7, 2012

What can your feet do?

For three days, I have been obsessing about something...
How to hem a bias ruffle edge.
I've had some failures...big time. And because of those failures, I nearly ditched an entire project.

Then a light bulb lit. The heavens opened...a chorus of angels sang, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"
My sewing machine feet! I remembered somewhere, in the back of my obsessed mind, that my machine does overlock edge stitching, and that there just may be a special presser foot for that purpose.

See that? That is an overedge foot. And it's been living in my sewing room for two years....sort of like a're glad to have one around, but they don't really do any work.  It's designed to fold and roll your fabric and overedge stitch  all on it's own! Who knew?

So got out the book, I practiced for two days, and finally took the plunge on that bias ruffle edge.

And by golly, it works! So while it's not a Merrow edge, it sure does the trick for me!

So, My Cabi reproduction blouse is well on it's way to being completed. And I've learned something new. 

And I've also just ordered two more specialty feet for my sewing machine! So, do you have a special foot that is your favorite? Do tell! I'm excited!


  1. So then do you need to trim extra fabric away or does the stitch completely cover the raw edge that has been folded? I think the stitch looks lovely.

    Honestly - my favorite can't sew without it foot - is the edge stitching foot. I used it every single time I sit down to sew. g

  2. Great idea and the Cabi top, yea! Can't wait to see it.

  3. The foot is designed to turn over the raw edge just enough to have the stitches cover it. I think ideally, you shouldn't have to trim, but I didn't get that good at it! I did have some excess here and there that i needed to cut away. I think if it had been a straight edge, I wouldn't have had those issues, but given it was a circular ruffle, it required a bit more feed control on my part.

  4. Great idea! Do you have a Janome? I have a foot that looks just like this myself, and I will remember this tip. Looking forward to seeing your finished blouse.

  5. Gotta love those 'lightbulb' moments! Looking forward to the finished blouse, lovely fabric choice :-)

  6. Here are my favorite feet: quarter inch quilting foot, walking foot and the blind hem foot.
    The finish on the ruffle looks great! Enjoy your top.

  7. My machine has all kinds of feet that I've never used!!

  8. For about 10 years now I have been a fabric collector. I made a few garments, had a couple of kids, decided I needed to lose weight, and that I couldn't POSSIBLY sew without a serger. The few items I did was with a zigzag stitch and that worked out, well, OK. And then I found your site. I looked at my manual, found the overlock foot and now I'm on my way to finishing a silk skirt! The angels did indeed sing!Thanks!


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