Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Basic Weekend Wardrobe Planning


So, here we go. I'm serious about this wardrobe thing. I really am. My daughters have gotten on my case over the years, my husband has had a thing or two to say, and trust me, I know that a closet full of clothes does not a wardrobe make.
I'm going to take our wardrobe participants through the steps of planning, right along with me.

1) First and foremost, evaluate your closet.
What do you have that would already work in your basic wardrobe? This includes a careful examination of fit, style and freshness.
For example,  I've mentioned before that I have a nice pair of black ponte pants.
I have several white shirts, but I would like  a more updated style.
I could put together a basic  wardrobe from the things I already own, but I want something fresh for Spring. So I’ll add and substitute as needed.

Here's what I've found....
I have a khaki skirt and a few denim skirts. These will work.

White blouses..most are older and not so snazzy anymore.

Black, white and denim jackets. But let's look closer:

Lots and Lots of black in the jacket department, but nothing for Spring.

Lots and Lots in the Denim department, too. You know I love my denim.

 Lots and Lots of Black Cardigans....this represents only what was in the laundry this week! There are many more where these came from!

A couple of cute vests...once again, black.

Some favorite jeans and black ponte pants.

And, I've decided that it's time to finally get rid of some styles that I cling to, but really, they are not the most flattering for me. How many eyelet peasant-type tops does a girl need? None. at least this girl needs none. I'm happy to share...if you want em, let me know..they are sized large or x-large and you can have them if you want to pay for the shipping.

2) After a careful assessment, I  think I've narrowed down what I need to sew:
           jacket/blazer in colors
           Pants in a new neutral
           Jeans in colors
           New white blouse
           Cardigan or vest in something other than black.

The next thing I’m looking at…even before choosing colors, is the style of the garments I want to add to my wardrobe. I'm looking for personality, what works for my body and weekend lifestyle.  I search my pattern stash, and do lots of research on line. I browse websites, check out a few of my favorite magazines, and books. I window shop or flip through pattern books at Joann's on my lunch break. 

FYI, Sarai has done a  recent Coletterie blog post on Style Signatures. She asks, "If you’ve never thought about it, take some time to notice how you dress for the next week or so. What do you gravitate towards most often? What things do you like to wear? Do you do a little something that makes you feel unique?"
(I have to admit, even though I tend to gravitate toward black and denim, I could maybe re-define this classic and safe look with some shots of color.)

3) Make a list, shop the stash for patterns, and keep a notebook of what you need to get.
Once I have my patterns decided, the fun begins. I keep a journal with me at all times… and in it, I keep lists, drawings and pictures related to knitting or sewing. It’s a great resource for shopping. When I get an idea, I  put it in my book.

I decide on my patterns. This is when I start to get a little excited. By printing the line drawings and laying them out, I'm starting to see a plan develop.

So that's it so far. Next wardrobe post, I'll be talking  about color!

But until then, lets meet the wardrobe sewalong participants! Girls, let's hear how you are doing so far with your planning, and then go round and say hello to one another!

1. Lori  of Girls in the Garden
2. Lynne of Wonderfully Made
3. Barbara of Working with Delight
 4. Jodie ( no blog but posting great comments)
5. Tonia of The Enchanted Daydreamer
6.  Angela of The Creative Diva
7. Karin of Sew Here We Go Again
8. Katie of Kadiddlehopper 
9. Marie (no blog but posting comments and we can link flckr page)
10.  Yvette of Sew Today, Wear Tomorrow
11. Sandi
12. Renae of Seams Awesome
13. Patty of Sew Much Knitting
14. Jamye of Straight Stitch
15. Doobee  of Doobee's Creations
16.  Bonnie of Tres Bon Babble (informally participating)
17.  Kris O of Needle to Say
18 Nikki
19.  Mari
20. Will this be YOU????


  1. Great posts and so much to think about.

  2. Well, tomorrow is my day to take stock of the wardrobe. Like you I know I have a lot of black. And since we are on opposite sides of the globe I am heading into our Autumn/Winter seasons. Darker colours will be the go, but I need to evaluate the styles...tomorrow will be an interesting day...

  3. Hi Lynne! I'll take your peasant tops. I can add a side panel to make them maternity for me :) Eyelets will make 'em breezy, I hope!


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