Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year in Review...Sewing

I've never done one of these "look back" posts...maybe  to keep myself from the reality of how I have actually spent my time and money!

I was challanged this year, and I was disappointed many times. But I was also surprised at what I am able to do when faced with a fit issue or a pattern problem. So I have selected some of my favorite garments...favorite because they were a knock-off of something ready to wear, or because they represent a fit challenge that I conquered, or because it's something that I made and wore ALOT!

New Look 6007, with heavy modifications to create a knock off of an Anthropologie Cape. I wore this all                   of last winter and I'm wearing it again this year.

Simplicity 2284. Lori and I made a knock-off of a Cabi jacket. I was also able to overcome the FBA and make a perfect fit jacket for me!

Denim Shirt with modifications, made from McCall's 5433. I wear this shirt all of the time. Again,               conquered a full bust fit issue, and also added some fun pockets and tab sleeves.


Vogue1236. Love this dress (even though I look very sad wearing it!) ...and it made                                  the Vogue Facebook page!

My Cabi-inspired Military Jacket! have worn this SO much. I usually put lots of different gold toned bar, tack and stick pins on it.

Simplicity 2182. Oh, the pattern construction. Oh, the confusing FBA. But I did it! 

HotPatterns Kyoto Skirt, with my own modifications. Denim, cargo pockets...what's not to love? And it was featured in the HotPatterns email!

      Butterick 5495. A basic knit dress, which I wear so much.  Featured on the Butterick Facebook page!

                                                 Simplicity 2728. The perfect white jacket.

McCall's 6073. It's a maxi dress which I wore all summer long.

                                                  Vogue 1205. Red. Dress. What's not to love?

 And one more...just for 2012...My first pants! Which I plan to make again and again in the new year! Muslin after muslin until I found the perfect fit.

And that's my top twelve!  And the most awesome thing is, I learned as I made each garment,  I wear them all, and I realized that  I would rather take the time to sew anything for a perfect fit than to shop for hours and hours or spend dollars and dollars to buy something that isn't quite right. As with knitting, sewing bloggers have provided incredible inspiration and encouragement, and I look forward each day to see what you are up to in your world!  Thank you for sharing what you do, and thank you for reading my little blog! 


  1. Great garments, Lynne and you look fantastic in them. The best part is the wear factor and as you stated you wear all of them lots. Happy New Year.

  2. Well done! You inspire me and maybe one of these days I'll try to sew for myself. Happy New Year, Lynne!

  3. Everyone had a great good looking year

  4. Love your year in review! I agree with Lori, the wearability factor is huge, and something I hope to improve on next year :-)

  5. A very productive and skills-rich year for you.
    And you look just fabulous all along the way!
    Happy new year, Lynne!

  6. You made some really wonderful pieces this year. My personal favourite is the Chanel jacket - it's really incredible.

  7. These are all so beautiful and you are such a talented seamtress


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