Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From Heart to Hands

Every year, the idea of gift cards becomes more and more appealing as the best laid plans to work throughout the year on secret Christmas projects never seems to pan out the way JR and I  wish.

And here we go again,  finding ourselves in the midst of all the bustle and busyness of work and school concerts and knitting classes, and baking and parties and a new baby...scrambling like crazy in our workshops to make Christmas gifts. JR in his wood shop, and me in my sewing room.

I wonder sometimes why we put ourselves through it? Wouldn't shopping be easier? Wouldn't gift cards be so simple?

But I know the answer. There is no gift that  we can buy, no gift card in an envelope, that can ever truly  100% represent the love that we have for the recipient of that gift.

When I make gifts for our family and friends, I want them to know that every moment that I planned for and worked on that special surprise, I was thinking of them. And praying for them. And opening my heart and my spirit and my thoughts and my memories of them.

Even though there are early mornings and late nights,

I wouldn't trade one hour of that time that I spend with my hands and my heart making a gift for a loved one.


  1. Well said Lynne. I feel the same way. One year I had gift tags that said, "When I give a gift made with my hands, I give a gift from my heart."

  2. It's a lovely sentiment. I am sure your recipients feel truly loved and special to receive your handmade gifts.

  3. Wonderful sentiments, nicely said. It is unbelievably nice to receive a handmade gift.
    The thing is, we have to start the making in January...

  4. What you say is so true. I just wish that I could avoid the cranky feelings when the "hand-made" list seems to overwhelm. Mind you, that doesn't ever stop me from making the gifts. So I lose a few hours of sleep...


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