Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How are you going to finish out your Holidays?

The fact of the matter is, as much as I love Christmas, and I could live in a Christmas house year round,  I’m sort of glad all the  intensity of this week is drawing to a close. The last of the gifts have been distributed and we’re ready for a bit of relaxing over this extra long weekend ahead. It will be nice to sit back and enjoy a warm fire and the Christmas-ness of my house and just chill.

Of course,  I’m already envisioning the Spring Pantone colors and the upcoming season’s “must-haves…” oh good gravy and it’s still only December!

Actually, I am DYING to get into my sewing room again to boost up my winter-dreary wardrobe. I have so many projects piled up and would love to just dig in. Dig in and not come up for a few days. I wonder if I can make that happen?  I made that gray ponte Vogue dress  a few weeks back?  Well she's just been hanging around the dress form waiting for a hem...which I should reasonably be able to do tonight so I can wear her tomorrow.

Well an interesting thing happened a few days ago. My husband and I joined a gym. We are both meeting with a trainer next week…and no, it’s not the “Silver Sneakers” trainer that was offered!  We chose the pregnant trainer instead. This should be very interesting.   We’ve been talking about the fact that we will probably be much more motivated to go together. Not to mention the fact that we can be on the competitive side once this gets rolling….you know, a chart on the fridge and all.
I think I’m excited about it. 
I think we’ll make it work.
And I’m looking forward to the free smoothies that came with our package.

And that's what I'm planning to finish out the Holiday Season. What are you up to the rest of the week?


  1. Hahaha - I guess I'm still in Christmas mode because I read "dreaming of the spring Pantone colors" as Panetone! Mmmm. The Italian Christmas bread is the best. I guess I'm not ready for the holidays to be over just yet. Love seeing all your projects all year round. You are truly an inspiration!

  2. I feel the same way! I won't be able to start sewing till the kids go back to school and we don't need the dining table on a daily basis. I am also itching to get going! Good luck with your new exercise plan!

  3. I plan on finishing the socks I started last new years to clear the needles for a new pair. Just need to replace the needle I broke yesterday and plow through 1/2 repeat and the ribbing. Also looking forward to 1/2. My husband has the day off and the kids will be in school. I am thinking lunch date.

  4. Well, I already put most of the decorations away and got my January project out - the long neglected dollhouse. I'm glad I waited and let thoughts stew because now I know the direction I want to go with it. I have the usual projects to plan as well. I may see a friend who is visiting from the other side of the country this weekend - if we can connect - I hope so.
    Also I hope all the leftover Christmas cookies have disappeared by then so I don't eat them. (Except for the mincemeat tarts)
    Good luck with the gym - It's always better with a buddy.

  5. Right now, we are sprucing up the house (post-Christmas mess) and getting ready for our New Years house guests! I love the house all decorated for the holidays too, but come Monday I'll be really ready to un-decorate and get the house back to normal.

    I also can't wait to get to my sewing machine and get some projects for the house done, as well as some ideas I have to sell at craft shows.

    I want this year to be the year that I better plan ahead an get things done!


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