Monday, December 5, 2011

Red and Green for Christmas

                                   Christmas Spirit has come home to the bungalow. Finally.

This weekend was spent hauling the boxes, and devising a plan, only to have it be poo-poo-ed by Mr. Claus, who determined that he likes color for Christmas, not all that silver and gold crap (I actually found him browsing pinterest for mantle ideas).  So, I  detoured from the standby décor of Christmas’ past and pulled out some red and green for the living room, entry and kitchen. And you know what? It was time for a change, and if the change meant JR actually helped shop for fat chunky candles and new Christmas stockings, I was all for it. 

( oh, my gosh, I actually first wrote “fat chunky cankles and new Christmas stockings!)  

We decided on three $9 stockings from Marshalls, and I shall knit two more stripey ones to go with.

I will just have to concede that my husband was R.I.G.H.T.  

I bought two new Christmas CD’s on iTunes (James Taylor and the soundtrack from Elf…not new, but new to my collection) and got busy making the magic happen.

I think I will decorate three trees this year…the two small ones flanking the fireplace and we’ll get a bigger one… a bigger real tree to plunk in a garden urn and perch upon a table a la Nell Hill’s Mary Carol Garrity, my Christmas Decorating Guru.

There will be loads of vintage glass ornaments, heavy on the red and green for the fireplace trees...including my collection of Shiny Brites, of course. And for the tabletop tree in the dining room?  I'm thinking vintage faded red, blue and aqua blown glass from my collection.  By the way, today at lunchtime, I scored three boxes of vintage ornaments at the Salvation Army...99 cents a box!

     But for now, the mantle is decorated ...

    there are to-do lists a mile long, 

and there is Christmas Cheer in the house at last.


  1. Your husband looks familiar....

  2. Beautiful job, Lynne. I want your house! Bungalows were meant for seasonal decorating!

  3. I love the red and green too. Your mantle is so cheery!

  4. Great job Lynne! And how fun to hear you mention Mary Carol & Nell Hills. My best friend lives in Kansas City and I try to get out to see her once a year. The first thing on our "to do" list is go to Nell Hills. Have you ever been? It's the most wonderful place. Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  5. Your decorating looks spectacular! Thanks for motivating me!

  6. ahhhh perfect. Now Santa is bound to find you. Love all the sparkly and fun decorations. We are putting up the tree on friday around here.

  7. Fun! I'm in bah humbug mode and want a black and white Christmas. I did put up a few red things, though just because I had them.
    (And the apple tart was delicious)


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