Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Can Never have Enough Christmas

When my husband is away, it's time for me to play.

JR made a trip to Chicago for several days, and unfortunately because of some major work projects, I just couldn't go along. While it made me sad that I wasn't able to go on a little road trip, I was content to be able to stay home, put on some holiday tunes,  make baby stuff and more baby stuff, and make more Christmas happen in my home. I have to confess, while I missed blogging these past several days, I did feel like I could put some concentrated effort into all of my projects.

Late nights of sewing, lots of shopping ,and some knitting, too.

JR brought a tree home just before he left for Chicago, so I got to set it up all by myself, including sawing off the end in my pajamas and slippers in 6 inches of snow!  Who needs a man in the house?  I even had to shovel the driveway all by myself, since a lake effect snowstorm decided to wait until he got drove out of WNY to dump several inches on our neighborhood.
Anyway, back to the tree.
Now, I must confess, we decided since we already had two small trees by the fireplace, we were going to do a third table top tree, which only ended up being only about 4 1/2  feet tall. By the time I finished trimming it, and got it in the bucket, and on the table, it showed itself to be a proud Christmas tree, diminuative as it is.

It's all bedazzled in vintage red glass ornaments, with some aqua thrown in here and there. Glass icicles are dripping from the branches,  glittered sprays of red and aqua are tucked in among the branches, and little twinkle lights illuminate the whole she-bang.

This little tree presides over the dining room, where the table is set for dessert

And the holiday bar is ready for guests, or just for ourselves

While we wait for Santa to bring us a new baby any day now.

I'm so excited for a Christmas baby to arrive. 

I'm excited there already was a Christmas Baby.


  1. Cute decorations and the knitting is gorgeous. Hope Santa brings the baby soon.

  2. I like that table setting so much. Where did you find that plate?
    I hope the birth date of the new baby is not exactly the same as Someone Else's. That particular Christmas Baby gets all the attention!
    ( I am speaking as a deprived Christmas baby myself :))

  3. So pretty. Sometimes it's lovely to have the house to yourself to just potter around and enjoy some quiet time.

  4. I love those plates!! Please don't tell me you scored them at Kip's!! Which girl is having the holiday baby, K or M?

  5. Ahhhh you are so ready!~!~~ I could never set the table early with our kitties around fun that yours is ready! Im jealous of your snow.

  6. Lovely Christmas decorations, Lady!!! I'm excited for you there's a baby on the way!!!


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