Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Friends Meet

One of the best things about blogging since August of 2004 has been the many connections I've made with readers...through emails, phonecalls and even visits...with knitting friends and sewing friends, who each share a passion for creating. When that passion marries blogging, it gives birth to a whole new dynamic which connects us in a most special way.

Of course, I've shared many times about how, when I began to sew garments again, (after a thirty year detour!) I found Lori's podcast, Sew Forth Now and my life was changed. Every night, I went to sleep listening to Lori, and learning how the world of sewing had changed. The next morning, I'd listen again on my ipod while I was at my computer, discovering how to work with knits, Erica 's DIY, HotPatterns, sergers, Threads magazine, Pam Erny and her incredible interfacing, Gorgeous Fabrics, Burda and buttonholes. Every episode was new inspiration and I was sucked in.

I felt as if I knew Lori, and as our email connection began, and a few phonecalls were initiated, we decided that we would meet. So, on Wednesday, Lori and I dared to do what we would never allow our children to do: after advising family where we would be ( 'if you don't hear from us, call the authorities"), assuring our husbands would be present, and aswering questions and identifying photographs of each other, we planned our meet-up Dinner at my house...the mysterious, black house. Thankfully, Lori and her family survived. In fact it was the most natural and easy meeting of friends that I could imagine!

Like two peas in a pod,
birds of a feather,
as if we were cut from the same cloth...
from our first hug to our final goodbye, it was as if we've known each other all along.

So we ate, and laughed and talked and shared. And laughed a lot more...about blogging and sewing and families. I only wished we had more time.


  1. How nice! Like meeting a pen pal from a far off land.

  2. It looks like she's wearing the skirt you just recently made!! Glad you had a chance to meet - how cool!! I'll have to check her out, too. BTW - I'm liking your new blog space!

  3. It looks like Lori is wearing the skirt you just made!! So glad you were able to meet up!!

  4. Lynne, I love your way with words!! Now you and Lori are friends "in real life" and not just in the world of bloggers. That is so fun. Love the picures of the two of you. Oh, and...I like to listen to Lori's podcasts while I sew.

  5. It was so fun to meet you, Lynne. A wonderful night for our entire family, thanks again. We have been home for about 3 hours. I have been looking at all our photos from the trip. Sitting here laughing at all of our pictures from your house, some of our faces are soooo funny.


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