Saturday, July 30, 2011


I love a transformation.

A transformed life, a transformed relationship, a transformed junk find. I like to think of my life as one that is always in a state of transformation. And a good thing it is....seriously, I don't think there is a minute goes by that I am not "oopsing" or "why did I say that?' or "what was I thinking?" I know I will never get it all right before I go to heaven, but I'm thankful for grace...and the desire to change.

Remember this?

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My garage sale potting bench that looked good on the outside and was rotting under the paint?

I couldn't put it to the road. Just couldn't kick it to the curb. I wanted that doggone table rescued in some way, and it was nagging at me. And then, I came up with a plan.

I let JR use his sledgehammer to remove the whole top. And then he made a new top from some old redwood that was out back.


I stripped off the remaining paint.


Then, gave it a good coat of oil.

Last, we cut the legs down to eliminate the rot at the bottoms, and added caster wheels.

And a new handle made from leftover legs and pipe.

I love my new serving table!


  1. It is a very pretty potting bench, I am amazed by all of JR's handiwork!

  2. I'll bet that estate sale lady would be jealous if she saw it now!

  3. It looks amazing!

    (Also, thank you for adding the name/url commenting option. I really appreciate it!)

  4. It looks amazing! I need you and JR to visit us to help with just a "few" things :) ha!

  5. wonderfully made indeed! Way to reuse reduce recycle!

  6. I was definitely admiring this table last time I was at your house. So jealous of both of your abilities to make things!

  7. Welcome over to Blogger. The beach cover up looks great.

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