Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well, all it took was for me to see Erica's Burda 7368 Tunic and I was smitten.


Simple. And on trend for summer 2011...what we have left of it. They're everywhere, worn over shorts, or as cover-ups, and sometimes, if you are young enough and have legs enough, they can even be worn as a dress.


For me? This version is made with a lightweight linen...and will never be worn as a dress!

I think what I love about such a basic pattern is that it is an opportunity to make even the most normal details, as perfect as you can. For this tunic, I used french seams throughout, was very, very careful with my topstitching, and buttonholes, and added a dainty row of 1/2 " shell buttons.


There is something about wearing a tunic...maybe it's the way it floats over your body, always looks fresh and cool, or maybe its the fact that you don't have to hold your stomach in.


I am all about a tunic these days.


  1. It looks... the same but different! Nice new digs, Lynne!

  2. fine, here I am on the NEW blog

  3. Beautiful tunic. I gave up sewing garments many years ago because I just could not get them to fit. Wish I could have you hang out in my sewing room for a week to help out! Nice new blog - does this mean no more knitting?

  4. Looking good... you and the new blog!

  5. I found you! Love your new blog name!

  6. I bought this pattern thinking it would be a cakewalk. HA would you please explain how you sewed the insert? The instructions make absolutely no sense! Yours is absolutely gorgeous!


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