Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Counting down the last few days before we leave for favorite vacation. And why, you may ask, is this my favorite vacation? How does a house on the lake, sandy beaches, shopping in Holland, reading, knitting, napping, biking and walking the beach sound? What about limited cell phone coverage? And did I mention fresh food from the best farmer's market around? And the fact that we don't have to do anything if we don't want to?

We love the ride there, too. It's as if with each mile, every worry, every detail of daily life just falls off the back of the truck. We arrive much lighter in spirit, which is a very good way to start a ten day vacation.

So, I'm preparing. Packing. Gathering reading materials.


Deciding which sandals to many knitting projects. And I always pack waaaaaayyyy to much. And I'm always determined to underpack each year, but it never happens. A girl's gotta have choices.


Thanks for your suggestions for the Kay Whitt skirt. Believe it or not, I found a great little top at the thrift store for $1 ( half off green ticket day!) and I have something on the sewing table right now. Tomorrow, I'll show you what I came up with and draw a name, so I can send off your summer gift, which, by the way, will be made from my skirt remains:


In preparation for a blog trasfer to Blogger, I'm housekeeping my current situation, saving blog files and setting up the new place before I have aBlog-Warming Party (will there be presents? Of course! from Me to You!). I hope to complete the switch with a few weeks, so stay tuned. It's going to be a little wierd moving to a new blog home. But, the time seems right, and there is so much about my life that has been evolving over the past few years that I want my blog space to represent that.

And I'm super-excited about a Blog Friend Meet-up when we get back. Loriand her family will be in our area, and they'll be our guests for dinner! Does that take preparation? Of course! I told JR we needed to finish painting the house, re-mulch, re-finish the stairway, get the new kitchen floor laid...I have a list a mile long, Lori!

But seriously, I'm doing none of that. I will be cleaning my sewing room. Period...because, well, you know, it's Lori... Maybe I'll interview HER for a change!

And right now, I'm preparing for a second job interview with the same organization.

That's a lot of preparation going on. I need a vacation.

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