Tuesday, July 5, 2011


(photo from Little Red Shop)

Well, camping was nothing less than AWESOME! We had the best time...figuring it all out, thinking of improvements, getting away from the television and being outdoors, spending time with new friends and family.

Last week I wasn't sure that I could convince my husband to ever do this again. And as the weekend went along, he was being transformed...Saturday, he was 50/50.

Camping 6.2

Sunday, he was at 75%


Monday, the dear man uttered that he was about 85% sure he would camp again, to


Monday evening, he was at a solid 95% sure!

IMG_8428 IMG_8427

The other 5% will come when we figure out a better way to make coffee!

So today, I'm catching up. Catching up with mending, reading blogs, gardening and anything else that strikes my fancy. I finished that slipcover today.

Slipcovered chair

Now, I'd like to go and slipcover everything in the house, now that I know I can do it, but instead, I think I'll pile up a few projects for the week ahead...a few skirts, a bag...and whatever else I may dream up.

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