Monday, September 12, 2011

Across The Border Friends

When I've connected with others through blogging or the passion of creating, I have never been disappointed when given the opportunity to meet in person with internet friends. It's odd, isn't it, how there really is no distortion in our expectations of each other...we write about what we love, and we love what we do, and that inevitably comes through as the real deal. Once we are aquainted in real life, the discovery is of a better version of the blog life.

Across the miles, across the internet, across the border...two friends finally met halfway for a most lovely afternoon. How exciting it was to actually SEE each other for the first time! Elizabeth and I have shared our love of blogging, knitting, gardening and making stuff for several years, and without hesitation, I knew it would be a happy moment when we decided to meet and spend the day together.

The destination was Jordan Village, in Ontario, CA. And how fortunate we were to have such a perfect afternoon in such a perfect little town. There was never a lack of conversation over lunch and shop fact, the day passed much too quickly, really.

The real cherry on top was to discover a couple of fabulous fiber shops...

Stitch was loaded with yarn and quilt supplies, books and warmth...Worn wooden floors and wonderful vintage items  made for a most delightful place to browse. I felt like I could settle in and live there! You must check out the slide show gallery on the Stitch site, and you will see what I mean. Of course, I walked away from these incredible baby knit kits made by a French company. I was so taken with them, and now, I regret not even writing down the name of the company. 

                                                                   The Fiber Garden

 Which was bursting with a beautiful assortment of hand-dyed yarns.

...all dyed by the owners.  See that berry colored skein of lace-weight merino superwash?

That's all mine. Because I couldn't resist the color. And I wasn't going to walk away without it.

Jordan Village will be worth another trip. Visiting Elizabeth again will be worth another trip...we already have our sights set on Ottawa Street in Hamilton...the textile district. Won't that be fun? 

While I had plans to wear my new white jacket, would you even believe that as I was set to go out the door yesterday morning, I spilled coffee all down the front! So, two washings later, I think she's ready to wear tomorrow, so come back and see!

Have you met a blog friend? How did you spend your day?


  1. I would have chosen the berry yarn Too!
    I have met 2 blog friends. Both amazing.
    Jennifer from Major Knitter and Donna BOucher from QUiet Life

  2. What a lovely day! You're very fortunate to have made friendships through your blog.

    I made many friendships through my snail mail pen pal hobby, but have never met any of the women in person (they all live in other countries).

    My blogging life is still young, but I hope to grow a community of friends just as you have!

  3. What a fun-filled day. I have met several bloggers and have spent most of the day with them shopping for fabric or talking sewing. It is such fun.

    I had a great time meeting you and want to do it again!

    Can't wait to see your white jacket.

  4. I agree - I've met several blogging friends and not once have I been disappointed. Several of them have become "real-life" friends. Sadly, we will probably never meet. Too much distance, but one never really knows!

  5. Whee, that was fun!
    It appears I let you take most of the photos; how did that happen?
    The one in the gazing ball in the garden turned out great.
    I had a great time on Sunday and we definitely have to do it again!

  6. Oh, how fun! I love Elizabeth.

    I'm fortunate to have met quite a few blog friends.


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