Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wedding Plans

I miss sewing. I miss cooking.  I miss my house. I miss my husband.

These past few weeks, I've been up to my ears in wedding consultation and planning for a sweet couple who are got married today.  Themes, layouts, design elements, centerpieces...all that fun stuff. It was  a blast to see it all come together this weekend, though.

Last night, the reception venue was transformed from ski/hunt lodge to rustic wedding.

And the bride and groom are happy with the results. Which makes me very happy.

I had really hoped to get a red dress made to wear, but that did not happen. No. Way.
I was  lucky to get  my toenails painted in time!  So tomorrow, I will sew, I will make a nice dinner, I will clean my house, and I will spend some time relaxing with my husband.

And, I will draw two names for the winner of the books!


  1. Wow! that looks so wonderful. I love the touches like the picnic basket for the cards. You are clearly extremely talented at your job (aswell as all the other stuff!). I'm so glad that they appreciated all your hard work and had a wonderful day.
    Happy sewing xx

  2. This looks like the perfect wedding! Those centerpieces are so beautiful. And I love the caramel apples as favors. Such a perfect blend of rustic and elegant. The colors capture a hint of fall, perfect for September. And they were blessed with a beautiful blue sky day!

  3. So beautiful. You have been a very busy lady.

  4. It looks fabulous! Like a wonderful place to start a life together. And the wedding - outside and lovely. g

  5. wow. you did a fantastic job!! Im not surprised though!


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