Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rule Breaker

Holding on to the last bit of summer by my fingernails...digging my heels into the sand...clinging for dear life.
Do you ever wonder where the days go? How quickly seasons seam to change. As we look forward to the next, we're still desperate to linger in the last.

The days have been so warm this week, and I have wanted to try to get a few more things completed before the leaves change. My white jacket is cut out, and just last night, I put together a fun dress.

My inspiration was Kristina J, and her version of the Vappu dress from Anthropologie ( sorry, no link...the Anthro dress is no longer available). The other inspiration was Simplicity 2246, view C. While both styles may be a bit young for me, I was still loving the white bodice and Kristina's seersucker skirt. So, a fusion was in order.

I just happened to find a sleeveless, fitted white blouse at the thrift last week.

And I just happened to have some seersucker from which to cut the Simplicity skirt section from view C.

After carefully measuring, I cut the bottom off the blouse.
Opened up the side seam to insert a zipper.
and attached the skirt to the blouse.

I also added some purchased organza ruffle trim....for some pretty.

I left the seam exposed where I joined the skirt to the shirt...for a deconstructed look.

And within moments,

A cute summer dress for the first week of September!

I also have a white jacket cut out ( Simplicity 2728) which I hope to wear before "official" summer is over....even though it's after Labor Day...

....and the old rule is no white after Labor Day. And no bare legs at the office. And no wearing black to a wedding. Good grief there are a lot of rules.

Do you wear white after Labor Day? Here's an interesting article about that. Bare legs at the office? Here's an article that debates this topic. And personally, I think black is okay at a wedding...probably better than wearing white, unless you're the bride, of course!

Which brings me to a topic of discussion of late, which I will be sure to mention in my next post...
What exactly is Business Casual? And what is acceptable for Dress Down Friday? I have a lot to say about this...stay tuned!


  1. I love that dress! And I love seersucker. Such a great fabric!

  2. I still subscribe to the beliefs I held as a teenager: If people are judging me based on my clothes, I don't really care to know them anyway.

  3. Wonderful dress, Lynne, you look fantastic. I really like the red shoes, too. I have a hard time wearing certain white things after Labor Day.

  4. I love it with the jean jacket.
    Don't get me started on Casual Friday!

  5. I think you look wonderful in the dress. Love the shoes. I guess I am on the fence about white after labor day because where I live we may still be in shorts on Thanksgiving!

    Don't get me started on pantyhose!! In June our corporate office decided that we needed to kick it up a notch and they mandated that we can no longer have bare legs in the office! And definitely no toes showing...nothing more revealing than peep toe pumps. This is Louisiana and we have had over 50 days of 100 plus degree weather! Pantyhose are miserable!

  6. Love your new dress. Another winner. I adore seersucker.

    I'm old school from a professional banking background and old habits die hard. Even though I'm in different field now, I always wear pantyhose and closed toe shoes. I only know one other woman who does this and I'm sure everyone else is laughing at us.

  7. ( The Andy Griffin/th character) Matlock would be proud of you and your seersucker skirt. He always wore a seersucker suit on the show.
    Where did you get the belt? It's blends in well.
    I don't wear white shoes after Labor Day. White shoes make my feet look larger than they are. I have worn a winter white skirt. I used to feel naked not wearing pantyhose even in summer. I got over it.

  8. As one who works in scrubs, I cannot wait to wear my 911 shirt next weekend over my scrub top.......a rare event indeed. It says, All gave some, SOme gave all.....we will never forget..


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