Sunday, September 4, 2011

Office Outfits

Okay. Business Casual. Dress Down Friday...or Pay to Dress Down Thursday. Maybe because I am of a more mature generation, or maybe because I worked in the schools and in ministry. But, good gracious, in my most recent jobs, I have had an eyeful when it comes to fashion in the workplace.

While I agree with Sprite's comment that we should not be judged by the clothes we wear, I do wonder if somehow the lines have been blurred as to what is appropriate for the office? Of course, I will always believe that what we wear is an outward expression of who we are... that it is a way for us to express our creativity and our personalities. Fashion is fun and while should not be taken ultra-seriously, there is certainly a time and place for everything. For example:

Cleavage? For the bedroom or the beach, not for the office.
Mid-thigh tight skirts with bare legs and high heels? For pole dancing or partying, but not for presenting a program to a room full of young adult men.
Black leggings and ill-fitting black lycra tops with racer-backs? For exercise or escapades, but not when you are employed as an executive assistant.

I've seen it all. And I don't like some of what I see. And even more frustrating is that there seems to be inconsistency within many organizations as to what is acceptable. I don't get it. Shouldn't we strive, even in a casual environment, to represent our employer in a tasteful, polished and professional way? Even though it's Dress Down Friday? Trust me, I'm no prude when it comes to what to wear to the office, and I might even wear jeans on a Friday...with a cute top and a sharp jacket. I'm just sayin'.

Did you know there is a Red Alert for Fall? According to one of my favorite blogs,
Fabulous After 40, Red is right on trend this season, and can help us feel modern and vibrant. Check it out for a contest to win a pair of red jeans.

It just has to be because of mad men's Joan Holloway...who always looks incredible in red, and wears a lot of it. Just as a sidebar, I love the fact that Banana Republic is doing a Mad Med Collection! Which includes this knockout dress, with just the right amount of red:
The Begonia Print Dress. The neckline is incredible.

So, will you be wearing red this Fall?

Will it be Jeans, a Dress or an Accessory?
For me? I'm doing a red ponte dress from Vogue's Kay Unger 1205

and a pair of red pants from Vogue's Anne Klein first sewn pair of pants since I was a teenager!

I'm delighted to think of red for fall. It makes me happy. And now that I think of it, I may actually wear red jeans to work on Casual Friday!


  1. Ugh, I'm with you Lynne. I think when you dress professionally, you feel and act professionally. I work at home and I still try to put on makeup and jewelry and wear something decent when I "go to work". The one I used to hate in the office was cheap flip flops. Never office appropriate.

  2. I am SO with you on the professional attire thing. It was a constant battle in our pediatric dental office to get the women to dress appropriately - and it wasn't always the young ones. I had an older woman who insisted on cleavage! The dads bringing their kiddos in certainly got an eyeful as they leaned over the counter. And I had to admonish one young girl that if you could see her butt crack when she bent over, her pants were NOT appropriate!! I may have to check out red - it's not really been my color, but maybe that should change. I AM knitting some red socks now.

  3. I agree about office attire and feeling more professional when you look professional. I work in a very, very casual legal office and often get teased when I show up in skirt and dresses every single day. In fact, on the rare occasion when I wear my jeans - everyone asks if I'm okay.

    Hope your new job is going well. g


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