Monday, June 13, 2011

Today was a little of this and a little of that. It was a lovely day, really. Just warm enough, just sunny enough, just breezy enough...perfectly comfortable.


The last of the peonies have come and gone. Which always makes me a little sad. But then, it won't be long until the hydrangeas are in bloom and they will become my favorite flowers in the garden. How soon forgotten, my beautiful pink friends.


My weekend garage sale finds:


a few more straw hats to add to my collection,

and a brand new buckwheat hull pillow. I quickly made up a custom pillow cover out of a fabulous Merimekko remnant that was laying around. Have you ever rested your head on a buckwheat hull pillow?

I cleaned up and reorganized my sewing room, did some mending and finished another Anthro-inspired blouse like this one. This time, it's a sheer polyester from Joann's, made a little looser, a little longer.

June 13

And after my first summer book club meeting, I'm ready to put on my pjs and say good night!

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