Friday, June 24, 2011

Let me tell you a story about today's thrifting adventures. It starts with a stop at an estate sale, where I found a wonderful vintage sleeve board. I can't wait to make a pretty cover for it and put it to use. I've wanted one for the longest time, so it was pretty thrilling to get this one for $5.00!

IMG_8284 IMG_8285

From there, I went around the corner to a neighbor's garage sale, where I found a few fabulous deals for just a couple of dollars. Then, as we were leaving, and she was sharing the sad tale of her divorce and how she has to get rid of everything and move. As compassionately as I could, I empathized and sympathized as I realized that there was a potting bench standing at the back of the house.

I couldn't dry my crocodile tears fast enough to ask, "Is the potting bench for sale?"

"Yeah, why not? My husband bought it for me. I'm sure he'll be glad to see it go. I know I will be."

(Hmmmmm...just how glad will you be to see it go?)

"$20?" she asked.

This is where my husband jumps in. "Well, lets just go home and think about it."

Her mother piped up... "you're nuts." ( I don't know if she was talking to me or to her daughter)

Me: "I've thought about it." and to my nearly divorced new friend, in a soft and sneaky voice," Can you save it? We'll be right back."

My husband again, "Lets just go home and think about it."

We went home. I made lunch. We went back to the neighbor's house and carried that potting bench around the corner to our home. I promised her it would be well loved, to which she sort of carelessly mumbled, " okay? enjoy.... "

We scrubbed it, hosed it down, and it was then that I began to notice some peeling paint. That's works well with my vintage look.


JR and I spent a good part of an hour rearranging the deck, and rearranging it again. And again. To make that potting bench fit. But I couldn't leave well enough alone. I picked at that paint. and then noticed more peeling, and before I could hear JR's chainsaw start, I had peeled and plucked and found ROT at just about every joint.

IMG_8293 IMG_8295

"Can we save it?"

"I'd rather take a sledgehammer to it. I'm afraid if I use my chainsaw I'll ruin a blade by hitting a nail. Anyway, a sledgehammer would be more fun."

So I had to be reminded again of how we should have thought about it, and I actually gracefully accepted his "I told you so."

and I'm thinking the best thing to do is put it out to the road with a sign...


A Happy Ending:

The good news is, while I was plucking away at paint and rot, my husband did a little makeover on a candle lantern that we picked up from the divorcee for $2:

IMG_8289 IMG_8298
(before) (after)

I guess that lantern was at least worth $22.

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