Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've done it once before, and I'm about to do it again.

A Slip Cover.


And for the life of me, I can't remember how I did it! So with video tutorials from Miss Mustard Seed and a book or two,


(This one is "Quick and Easy Slipcovers" by Gail Abbot and Cate Burren), I have set out to make a most unusual cover.

It started with an old chair, which belonged to JR's mother for many years. From her home to a nursing home, it was her seat of honor. A most comfortable chair, which we just couldn't give up. It's been around for years, since Joann passed on, just waiting for some new clothes...a new life.

Then, one day, my friend Jenna gave me a bag full of decorator fabric. All lengths and types, but the bonus? All coordinating.

IMG_8371 IMG_8347_1

So I came up with a plan:

IMG_8374 IMG_8377

After fussing and fiddling with the layout, I was able to make the fabric that I had work with that chair. The grand thing is, there was enough of an animal print to make enough piping for the whole chair, which will tie it all together.


So, my piping is all made, and now I'm pinning and cutting and praying I don't slip! (No pun intended!)

I just love the idea that this will be a vibrant and distinctive slipcover which will befit a chair so adored by a vibrant and distinctive woman. A token of great love and recognition, of family and the generations that pass...just like Joseph's Coat of Many Colors.

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