Monday, June 24, 2013

the objects of my desire

Fit and flare dresses made from vintage floral sheets. Like these from Naughty Shorts.  So of course, I've been collecting vintage floral sheets.

                             I even have a picture of her dresses as my desktop photo at work.

I know this has been done in in blogland for a few years. But I have to make one. I can just imagine this dress with a leather belt and a little denim jacket. TOOOOO cute, too vintagey. Too ME!
So I have been collecting vintage sheets and there is  a dress for me in the very near future.
And I can't wait to get it done!

This bird pen that I begged from my boss. Well, actually I only had to admire it and she gave it to me!

This website:

Goodwill Fashionista

And speaking of thrifting, some of my favorite recent thrifting finds:

Those earrings! That belt buckle!

A very nice man who works at a local Salvation Army decided to give me a new pair of pajamas that I took to the counter after we had just purchased several pieces of furniture. Just to be nice. Now I am trying to figure out a way to repay the kindness. Maybe it will involve baking.

This pattern. I swear I made it when I was a girl! I love the elongated bust darts.

Simplicty 1609
 And this pattern. Seriously. What's not to love?

Colette Hawthorne

What are the objects of your desire these days? Are you sewing? Thrifting? Decorating? Please share, my friends!


  1. What a FABULOUS idea! I love it when I can put old things to new use! Those dresses are really cute. Now...if there were just enough hours in a day...happy sewing!

  2. LOVE those gorgeous floral dresses! So cute! The Jiffy shift dress is really cute, too!

  3. Objects of my desire: I was going to rank them according to time spent on each, but surprised myself when it came out pretty evenly between watercolour, knitting and crochet. My reading has suffered.

  4. Oh I LOve the sheet dresses Idea. I LOVE THAT. I cannot wait to see yours.

    Im knitting a shawl that I need to look at directions for....but Im liking it!

  5. So, so cute! Should I send you my measurements? :-p

  6. Those fit and flare dresses are going to be fabulous! I so wish that I could find sheets like that locally. Will you use Hawthorne for it?

    Objects of my desire lately? hmmm - not really sure. g

  7. Love the sheets and the idea of a dress, it is so you. You should make the man at Salvation Army your pound cake, it is delicious. Objects of my desire, the Archer Shirt. I have fabric for two more, I love wearing long sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up and my shorts in the summer. And if you look at my Pinterest boards, my desire is pinning DIY projects but not doing any of them!

  8. I agree, I love the sheets idea- so pretty! And honored the DC Goodwill fashionista blog made your list! Thank you for reading :) -DCGF

  9. Sheets are the best for fun cotton dresses. I have a flannel sheet set aside-it has Indian elephants on it. Object of my desire? Lately I have been studying, reading, resting a bit. Horse training is in full swing and I am physically tired.


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