Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a little idea sparks a big project

Sometimes all it takes is a little something. And before you know it, it turns into a whole makeover.
So, my little something was a  collection of chandelier crystals that I have had for years...flea market and garage sale finds. I've kept a containter of them, just waiting for the perfect project.

Then, I saw my friend Lisa's outdoor painted chandelier. You’ve seen them on Pinterest, and in magazines. So, as luck would have it, I found the perfect little brass chandelier that only needed a new cord. I gave it a good spray of apple green paint ( the favorite outdoor color at my house) and hung some glass crystals on it....a perfect way to show off these sparkly pretties.

JR hung the fresh new chandelier on the front porch. So of course, that meant a dive into my stash to see what I had to recover cushions. I've been totally inspired as well by these Annie Sloan Paint Colors, which are new to our paint collection:

Then I discovered this loveliness:
As luck would have it, I found enough leftover outdoor fabric from last year’s patio furniture makeover to recover the rattan sofa cushion and a few pillows, including enough of a green batik print that I found on ebay years ago.

And to round it off, a fun stripe with the same colors. I scored that at a lunchtime Joann's visit. It has the PERFECT colors!

I love how a little spark of inspiration with a good dose of imagination and a lifestyle of frugality can give me a whole new look. So this week, I'm spending my evenings making cushion covers, pillows and other fun stuff for the porch.

Is this a throwback to the seventies or what? Is it me or am I seeing that old Avocado Green, Burnt Orange and Harvest Gold that were in my mother's kitchen?

Can you say groovy?


  1. Groovy is right! Those are the old yarn colors......and kitchen colors I grew up with!!! kind of sweet now

  2. The chandelier is fabulous, Lynne and what a great jumping off point for the colors for your porch. Love the colors for the rattan sofa, the colors are a bit retro-60's but I think with a brighter vibe. You will enjoy summer evenings out there.

  3. Absolutely love the chandelier, but I am Very Partial to a bit of sparkle! The fabrics are a great, and a fresh new look on the old 60s/70s colours. Have fun with it.

  4. Oh - I so want you to come visit. We do a little sewing, visit the beach and you can decorate my outdoor spaces so they become living spaces. Please???? g

  5. Your outdoor space looks so inviting! And I picked up a can of apple green spray paint last I need to get started playing!

  6. What a wonderful and fun "new" chandelier! You are so adventurous with colours. Great inspiration. And no - your green is nowhere near that awful avocado colour that everyone seemed to have in their homes.

  7. You are having a creative storm!! Love the makeover and I want some of that groovy fabric.


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