Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Simplicity 1666: made and re-made

Several days ago, while I was hobbling around the sewing room, I started what I thought was going to be a brilliant dress idea. I had it sketched out awhile back, and based on the whole print blocking and floral trend, thought I had a good thing going on.

After my color block version of the peplum top which didn’t work out so well for me because of how the princess seams were designed, I decided on a different style of princess seaming which I thought would be more flattering.

Then came Simplicity 1666. PERFECT!

I had the sateen fabric, and decided to put the black on the sides and the floral in the center front and back. It would be very flattering to have those black panels skimming off inches , I thought. Perhaps it would save me a few weeks at the gym or allow me extra ice cream. I had in mind a look something like these:

dress: BCBG

dress: Michael Kors
Well, maybe it was my state of mind after surgery, maybe it was just lack of concentration, but I cut the fabric wrong. I figured I would baste it together anyway because , really, how bad could it be?

This bad:

I have described this look as “My Secret Mennonite Life” or “I Didn’t Think it Would Happen but I Have Turned Into My Aunt Della”
It's All Wrong…it’s too big, hideously unflattering and check out the footwear!

So, I took that basting apart, and decided to just make a little black fit and flare dress. With something extra.

I cut a smaller size. I added some pretty checked bias trim (this is prepackaged Wrights bias binding).

How did I do it? I drew my center line and measured a half inch on each side of it, placed little chalk marks all the way down as a guide. I did some measuring for symmetry around the neckline, also. Then I carefully pressed the bias tape down with steam-a-seam. Last step was to top stitch.
Much, much better. Wouldn’t you agree?

I'm still going to try a sheath version of the floral print blocking like the designer dresses above. Maybe next time I'll get it right!


  1. Funny post! I do like the final dress ~ it looks very nice on you

  2. Wonderful transformation, it looks great on you.

  3. I laughed out loud when I got to “My Secret Mennonite Life”! I love the final results. Good save!

  4. I had a great aunt Della! WE are twins after all. I LOVE your stick to it tive ness! You saved that dress and it looks great

  5. Fantastic save! I just bought this pattern to make the separates.

  6. Great save. Your a genius to be able to turn that disaster around. Bravo!

  7. Congratulations; a funny story and a terrific dress!

  8. Brilliant save, and I love the black dress with check trim. I made the same mistake when I tried a black/floral combination very similar to this; fortunately I managed to buy another piece of the floral and start over. Love the Mennonite comment!

  9. Great save! The finished dress is so cute on you.

  10. Way to save this dress! Really cute!

  11. That is a great save -- and thanks for showing us your first version. I will try to remember that the black needs to be on the outside, not the inside:)


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