Friday, May 3, 2013

sewing to the extremes

One of the ways that I manage to get a little extra something to feed my sewing beast is to do alterations and sewing for others. I am always astounded by the number of people that have not learned how to shorten a hem, take in a seam or mend a split . I thought these were pretty basic skills that we all learned at home or at least in home ec.!  Ah, but it is easier to throw things away and buy fast fashion, isn’t it? Even when I’m thrifting, I find some of the most wonderful garments that simply need the buttons replaced or a lining repaired.

So, just this week, I had three jobs to do. And I was a little amused by the extremes.

I started the week by finishing a prom dress alteration. This dress needed some additional room in the bodice, and of course, there were absolutely no seam allowances with which to fiddle. Again, fast fashion, serged seams. I love a challenge.

I removed the zipper from the waist up, re-shaped the back opening while adding satin cord loops.
The loops were sandwiched between layers of twill tape and then sewn in the seam as one piece.
Some extra stabilizing in the way of heavy interfacing was added to the back opening as well.

And what we have is a re-styled gown, and a happy, happy girl.

I finished my week with another job that required sewing patches on a leather vest. Yes, the second in command at my Agency is a Harley ridin' itty bitty blonde who put her trust in me to get the patches on right so that she doesn’t get kicked out of her motorcycle club.

I got some heavy duty thread, leather needles and put my vintage Kenmore to work.

And what we have is a happy motorcycle mama boss.

So, leather and patches, frilly and girly. It’s been a fun sewing week!
I think that means that this weekend I get to sew for myself!

Please remember to vote for your favorite Pantone Color Contest entry over at Pattern Review. There are lots and lots of beautiful garments !


  1. Super, smart, practical thinking with the dress! Enjoy sewing for 'you' this weekend ... J

  2. Brilliant "fix" on that prom dress!

  3. I love the way you "altered" the dress. The lacing added interesting detail to the back

  4. The prom dress fix was a beautifully inspired piece of work! She will be dancing the night away in unique style :)

  5. Super job on the prom dress-I love the result and was intrigued by your solution.

  6. What a fun mix of projects this week! The prom dress fix is so smart and looks awesome! Great job!

  7. That prom dress ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS it is gorgeous

  8. Awesome job on the prom dress, that fix was so ingenious. Nice job on the Harley jacket.


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